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Hey all, wassup? Nothing much here I guess. Well like always I come here with a rumor. Well this week I have a follow up rumor I guess you could say. know Leo's Girlfriend right? Well Vanessa told to me as a rising model might not let go of Leo soon. So um..what will happen? Well it is rumored that LEo is thinking of getting married but nothing is sure. They were seen at one of Leo's bud's house's for a party. Most of the party they were in a corner by themselves cuddling. Isn't that cute? Well that's all I have for now but it is said that she is very shy... too cool. People say though that it is kinda odd that Leo finally found a girl that would actually like Leo for who he is. People thought that Leo would fall in the clutches of a black widow can you believe that? Well I think it is great that Leo found the girl of his dreams that doesn't suck him up because of his fame and fortune. What do you think?/p>

Email me your replies about this so I can post them on our going to be "thought" section. Don't worry I won't post your names.