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^*Leo's Movies *^

I know I hardly have anything but I'll find out all about the movies!

A new Movie???? Well YEAH! Ok Leos new movie "Celebrity" is supposed to come out sometime soon this year. Last fall he filmed a small role in this Woody Allen directed flick. Leo plays as a rock star.
Hmmm another movie??? Yup again. A movie called "Bombshell" is where he's at. Leo will play a quiet biophysicist. This film is being co produced by his father.
Latest Movie: Leos latest movie, Man in the Iron Mask is based on the book by Dumas. Leo plays King Louis XIV, he's the evil heir to the throne who isn't doing a good job serving his people. Leo also plays King Louis's twin brother Philipe. He is kind and very nice. So I would tell you the rest about what happens but go check it out you self!~
Titanic: If you haven't seen this movie all I have to say is go watch it NOW!


me if you have any comments on these movies that I can post. thanks ; )