Here is another Bio. P.S. I'm skipping the short bio because all of you know that ; )

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was born on the eleventh of November, 1974 in Los Angeles, CA. to George and Irmelin DiCaprio. Leo's parents were divorced within a year of his birth and he now has a stepbrother named Adam. Although his parents are divorced they both support him in his acting career. Leo went to school at The Center for Enriched Studies and John Marshall High School which are both in LA. Leo often cheated in school especially in math. He seemed more interested in hanging out with his friends than doing his homework. His troubles in school never ruined his acting dreams. His first acting debut was on a TV show called "Romper Room" when he was five. He was kicked off the show because of his uncontrollable behavior. Leo's next job wasn't until he was about eleven. He had a role on the educational programs "Mickey's Safety Club" and "How to Deal with a Parent who Takes Drugs". He also made guest appearances on the TV shows "The Outsiders", "Lassie", "Roseanne", and "Parenthood". Leo's first movie was "Critters 3" Where he had a embarrassing yet minor role. At the age sixteen he finally had a successful role for two years as a homeless boy on the teen sitcom "Growing Pains" . At eighteen he had his big break which was "This Boy's Life" where he played the lead role, Tobias Wolff. Leo gained instant recognition as a young talented actor. He now could choose what roles he wanted to play. Some of Leo's movies are "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" PG.-13 , " Basketball Diaries" R, "The Quick and the Dead" R, and "Romeo and Juliet" PG.-13. Some of Leo's new movies include" Marvin s Room"PG-13,"Titanic", Don's Plum", "On the Road", and"The Inside Man". You can write to Leo at Leonardo DiCaprio, CAA, 9830 Wilshire Blvd. ,Beverly Hills CA, 90212.
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