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Virginia-Olija Belcich, Carl Gobats, Tony Sichie and A. Lahtic were arrested as slackers and will have a hearing before the draft board.

Little Falls-John P. Batters purchased the furnishings of A.O. Axtell of the Lenox Hotel on Second Street, and took possession of the hostelry.

St. Cloud-John B. Boekhoff, a farmer residing in Mayhew Lake, Benton County, sustained a several hundred dollar loss when his barn was destroyed by fire.

St. Vincent-William Gamble of St. Vincent harvested 400 bushels of potatos off one acre. The average production in the United States runs around 100 bushels.

International Falls-Ben Lynn from Big Falls was brought in to the hospital with a gunshot wound in the leg, received by the accidental discharge of a gun while hunting.

St. Cloud-John C. Schmeitzer, 35, was caught under a trimming press when a chain broke at the plant of the Pan Motor company here and so badly injured he died at the local hospital.

Browns Valley-Reverent S. Ainsworth Lumb made the address at the dedication of the service flag of the Sioux tribe at Traverse Lake reservation. Red Thunder is Chief of the tribe. Music was furnished by the indians.

Stillwater-At last the semi-monthly pay day for the employees of the Twin City Forge & Foundry company $98,891 was paid to 1,929 employees, it being the largest semi-monthly pay day ever held in the city of Stillwater.

Two Harbors-Glen S. Locker, who hs been leader of the band on the battleship Iowa, has been given an honorable discharge to become assistant safety first inspector of the Norfolk navy yards. He enlisted from Two Harbors.

Wadena-William Weiland of Bertha is in the Davis hospital in this city with severe scalds about the legs sustained when a threshing engine which he was riding crashed through a bridge this side of Bertha and pinned him underneath.

Winona-Fred Morgan and B.B. Scripture, conductors Nos. 1 and 2, on the Minnesota division of the Northwestern railway, have gone upon the penion rolls of that company after forty-eight and forty-six years of service respectfully. Both began as freight brakemen on the old Winona & St. Peter.

St. Paul-Hans Peterson was fined $500 and sentenced to one year and one day in Fort Leavenworth by Judge Wilber F. Booth in the United States District Court. He was found guilty of perjury in connection with his financial statement regarding his ability to justify in the sum of $10,000 a surety on J.O. Bentall's bond last spring.

Lake Crystal-Resolutions against bring German prisoners to this country under any conditions were passed by the Second District Woman's Relief corps, which held it's annual meeting there. State officers of the relief corps were asked to petition Washington against any prisoners being sent to Minnesota.

Little Falls-Joe Matlock was brought before the War Council in this city of the charge of hording wheat on his farm in Platte township and not disposing of it in accordance with the government requests. He was forced to donate $60 to the Red Cross and had his Liberty Loan bond allotment of the fourth issue raised from $100 to $500.

St. Paul-Minnesota will not be called upon to supply more than 20,000 war workers, according to information given to State Director Hugo V. Koch of the United States Employment Service. The present quota for the state is 18,930, of which 4,000 have been supplied. An increase in the quota is planned, but it is not expected to exceed 2,000 men.

Aitkin-Several cases of petty thieving have been reported here of late, amont articles stolen being 25 cans of canned fruit and vegetables and a quantity of pickles taken from the cellar of Mrs. Mary Reynolds, living alone on the South side. A pig was stolen recently from Deputy Sheriff Luther Otis, and wood piles and chicken coops are frequently raided.

Minneapolis-The motion for a new trail in the case of J.C. Seebach, miller at Red Wing, sentenced to 18 months in federal prison and to pay a fine of $3,000 for violation of the espionage act, was denied in decisions handed down by Judge Wilbur F. Booth, United States District Court. It is probable the case will be appealed to the circuit court of appeals, it was said.

Minneapolis-Minnesota farmers who have become alarmed at incorrect reports to the effect that increased demands for war materials have curtailed the wheat movement and filled the seaboard and terminal elevators with wheat, are assured by the food administration that they will receive full government prices for their wheat, and that there is no necessity of mrketing it t less than government prices.
Producers of pork have been assured again by the United States food administration that an effort will be made to maintain a minimum price of $15.50 per hundred for the average of packers droves at Chicago for hogs farrowed this fall. This action has been taken in response to a request from a committee of pork producers. It was opposed by the packers, but the latter have agreed to co-operate in every way possible. The food administration makes the announcement, not as a guarantee but as a policy, and will use it's buying power to aid in realizing on the policy.