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Sinking Of Mail Boat Leinster Stirs British Nation
Papers Say Heavy Loss Of Civilian Human Life Demands Unconditional Surrender

London, October 14
- Two hundred and thirty bodies of victims of the Irish mail board Leinster, which was torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine, have been landing at Kingstown. The total fatalities are placed at 451.

All the London newspapers were filed with indignant condemnation of the "cold blooded murder and massacre" in the sinking of the Leinster. It is described as one of the most shocking pieces of wickedness in the German record.

Committed at the moment when Germany is talking peace the immediate effect of this outrage, it is pointed out, will be completely to defeat Germany's purpose for it is now obvious there has been no real change in government, or if so, the new German authorities are ineffective.

No notice, therefore, the newspapers say, can henceforth be taken of anything uttered or written by Chancellor Maximillian except "unconditional surrender."