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Washington Officials Are Waiting For Authentic Test of Note From Berlin
London Express Asserts That British, Italian and French Governments have Already Agreed Upon Their Attitude

Washington, October 14, - The official text of the German note has not arrived in Washington and all officials continued to reserve comment. There was not change in the opinion that there is much in the document to be considered before a line of action can be accurately formed.

President Wilson returned to Washington after a two days' visit to new York. Col. E.M. House, the President's close friend and adviser, accompanied the presidential party, which included Mrs. Wilson, Miss Margaret Wilson and Secretary Tumulty.

Withold Judgement Is Plea

The government asks the American people to withhold their judgement on Germany's note until President Wilson has received the official communication and has had opportunity to consider it.

The official document probably will be here in a few hours, when the President confers with his advisors, among them Secretary Baker, who returned from the Western battle front, undoubtedly prepared to give inside information on the broken condition of the German military power of which the world necessarily does not know at this time.

Views Rapidly Shaping

No official of the government felt justified in speaking to guide public opinion in the direction of views which are being formed. These views rapidly are crystallizing and the next step will be taken promptly, probably sooner thatn might have been expected.

President Wilson is expted first to decide if Foreign Secretary Solf's reply to the inquiries addressed to Chancellor Maximillian warrants him in presenting Germany's original proposal to the Entente Allies. Administration officials point out it should be borne in mind that the President's inquiry merely was a move ad interim, in which he proposed nothing, bound himself to nothing, and merely asked some questions which, he delcared, required an answer before he could go further.

Quick Reply Foreseen

If he puts the proposition before the Allies, it undoubtedy will draw a quick reply. Dispatches from London quoting the London Express as announcing the British, French, and Italian governments had reached a unanimous deceision for a line of common action, were regarded as being deeply significant.