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French Troops Capture Laon From The Germans
Teutons Forced To Evacuate LaFere
British Advance Northwest Of Douai

With The French Army In France, October 14
- Laon has been entered by the French troops. La Fere has fallen. General Gouraud's troops in pursuit of the Germans have reached the banks of the Aisne in the bend that passes south of the Rethel and Chateau Porcein. Five thousand civilians have been liberated in the villages and towns taken from the Germans.

Laon is the last of the group of natural obstacles forming the keystone of the German defense in France. It was taken without a fight.

Retreat Continues Orderly

London, October 14 - The German retreat along the Western front continue in an orderly manner. There are {unreadable} yet of a general {unreadable}.

Further progress has been made by the British northwest of Dauai and along the Selles river to the region of Solesmes, according to Field Marshal Haig's communication. Several additional towns have been captured and prisoners have been taken.

The British are within a few hundred yards of Douai, Field Marshal Haig reported in his official statement. They have captured the Foubourg d'Esqurshin, the Douai prison and the greater part of Fiers, close to Douai on the northwest.