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A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Granvold Monday morning.

Owing to the numerous cases of the "flu" there will be no services in the church until further notice.

The schools were closed Monday noon for at least two weeks and Tuesday evening the teachers left for their respective homes.

Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Orville left for Chicago yesterday morning where they will make their future home.

Owing to the prevalence of Influenza in the various parts of the county, the Poultry Culling Demonstrations have been postponed indefinitely.

Miss Mabel Stuart, who is teaching at Shooks, attended Teacher's convention in Bemidji last week and came down Saturday morning to spend the day at home.

Superintendant Snesrud was taken down with the prevailing malady Monday night and Tuesday evening Dr. Wilcox said he was seriously threatened with a severe case of pneumonia.

Mrs. Martin Hansen returned from Park Rapids yesterday morning, where she went to attend the funeral of her brother, Eugene Dennette, who died last Saturday from heart trouble.

Tuesday was Dr. Wilcox's "busy day." He not only had numerous cases of the "flu" to attend to in Walker but had to make two trips to LaPorte and visited over thirty patients there.

The schools were closed again last Monday morning for at least two weeks. This time it was on account of th influenza as it was considered better to prevent an epidemic of this disease than to stop it.

Professer P.J. Jenkins, principal of the Guthrie Consolidated school, was in LaPorte Saturday and made this office a very pleasant call. The enrollment is now larger than ever before, and three teachers are necessary to take care of the work.

Miss Rena Stuart returned home from Kelliher yesterday morning as everything is closed up tight there on account of influenza. She says that only one person can go into the post office at a time for mail, and all congregating on the street is prohibited.

A new supply of Fever Thermometers has been received at the LaPorte Drug Store.

Miss Charlotte Holderbecker, who is teaching near Hackensack, spent the week end with her sister, Miss Wilhelmina.

What is Lavoris? Dr. Laney, a dentist who makes LaPorte every two weeks, says it is the best, most delightful, refreshing and purifying mouth wash made and for sale at LaPorte Drug Store.

Lila Dally spent Saturday visiting with her parents and her sister, Mrs. William Pennar. She returned to Walker, where she is teaching, Monday morning. The Walker schools had been closed indefinitely, however, and she came back in the evening.

The LaPorte Shiping Association shipped two carloads of cattle to South St. Paul last Tuesday, and will ship again on Tuesday, October 29th. Parties having livestock to ship will please make their arrangements with Mr. Pierce before that time.

Mrs. E.C. McTaggart, of Yerington, Nevada, Mrs. Charles Roman, of Monticello, and Mrs. Edward Pepper, of Minneapolis, and the guests of Mrs. George McTaggart, 310 Beltrami Avenue. Their husbands are all in the service, and it is possible they will remain in Bemidji until the war is over. Earl McTaggart is now in France, and Mr. Pepper and Mr. Roman will soon leave for there.

Sergeant Child received a telephone message from Captain Scheers, of Akeley, yesterday saying that the fire swept range had been divided into districts to be patrolled by Home Guards of different towns and villages and the members of the LaPorte Home Guard should be ready to report for duty at any time.

Card of Thanks
To the members of the Home Guard and the Modern Woodmen as well as to all others who assisted us and did so much to relief the sorrow and burden resting upon us by the death of our son and brother, we desire to express our sincere thanks. We appreciate the kindness, love and sympathy more than we are able to express.

Card of Thanks
We wish to express our sincere thanks to the members of the Modern Woodmen, Royal Neighbors, Home Guard and all others who in any way assisted us, and did all in their power to relieve our sorrow and express their sympathy during the last sad rites of our departed loved one. We assure them one and all that it is appreciated more than we are in this manner able to express.