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A respectable family in Ireland by the name of Delap, says Robertson in his History of Ayrshire Families, appears to be descended from Allan Dunlop, provost of Irvine, in 1625. Their more immediate ancestor, as appears from family writes, was Hugh Dunlop, son of Allan Dunlop, who left Scotland early in the 17th century. His father was a man of considerable property in the town of Irvine, whose wife's name was Montgomery.

Hugh Delap settled in Sligo, Ireland, where he died in 1641, leaving a son, John, and six daughters. For a short time after his father's death, John went to Scotland to dispose of his properly there and to make settlement with the six sisters of his father Hugh. There is an old tombstone of the family remaining in the churchyard of the parish where they originally settled, but the earliest dates are worn out, only the figure of a spead eagle, the arms of Dunlop, is still distinctly to be seen upon it.

The Delaps of Monellan by Major James Bogle Delap of Lillingston, Lovel, Ireland.

ALLAN DUNLOP, younger son of James Dunlop, resided at Irvine, County Ayr. He was born in 1540, married a Miss Montgomery, and had six daughters and one son.

HUGH DUNLOP, who is stated to have left Scotland and settled in Sligo, Ireland, about the year 1600. He was born in 1575, married a Miss Aiken, and had three sons (John, who married a Miss K. Galt; Robert; and a third son, whose name is not recorded; and one daughter, Jane).

ROBERT DUNLOP, of Sligo, merchant, removed to Ballyshannon, County Donegal. He was born in 1610, married Jane Murray, and was father of the following: John; Christian; Gilbert (who married Katherine, and had two daughters, Nellie and Katherine); James; Everine (who married Andrew Delap of Bellack); John; and James. In Ballyshannon churchyard there is a monument to Robert Delap, died 1713, aged 64. In 1639 Robert Delap estates in Ballyshannon were confiscated by King James II. (Vestry records in Ballyshannon Church, by Hugh Allinghamme). This is the first generation to change the spelling to DELAP.

ROBERT DELAP, of Ballyshannon, merchant, was born in 1645. He married Anne, daughter of Reverend Robert Lindsay, of Killybegs, County Donegal. She was still living in 1724. They had seven children: Robert; Elizabeth; John (who never married); Rebecca; William; Samuel; and Margaret (who married Thomas Barton in 1722 and had one son, William Barton, who married Grace Massey). The second but oldest surviving son,

REVEREND SAMUEL DELAP, of Raan, County Donegal, minister of Letterkenny, was born in 1680, adn whose will dated August 10, 1762, was proved in the diocese of Armagh on January 6, 1763, had by Sarah Campbell, his wife, whom he married in 1708, five sons and five daughters. These were Robert (who married J. Stevenson); John; Rebecca; Anna; William; Margaret (who married R. Caldwell); James (who married Elizabeth Dunning); Jane (who married James Breden and went with him to America); and Samuel.

WILLIAM DELAP, who was born in 1721, married Ruth, and came to America in 1746.

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