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Christine's incredible photo-manipulations

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~~~~~~ INTRUCTIONS ~~~~~~



I have added an Image-Displayed Index of my Adult Arwork and Image-Displayed Index of my Art School Arwork and Image-Displayed Index of my Childhood Arwork which each diplay thumbnail-sized images of each of my drawings in those categories, all at once. They take a while to load, but they're definitely worth it.

I use my artwork as a framework for my life story. There are animations, multimedia, nudes, charcoal drawings, pencil portraits, sketches, lots of text and pen and ink work. This will be expanded over time, but is quite big right now. There are many ways to view the work, one of which is to click on the ' GARY ' button at the top right of every screen. This will automatically bring you to my adult artwork. If you wish to view either my childhood or art school artwork you can reach it from the HOME page. You can also click on the INDEX from any screen to select a particular drawing.


I have included over 20 of Christine's most recent Photoshop manipulated images. They are available by clicking on the ' CHRIS ' button at the top left of every screen or you can individually select any image from the INDEX.
*** DeafLab 3.0 ***

Some of you are here to try out the DeafLab program to learn deaf handsigning. You can get to it from the HOME page by clicking on the DeafLab text. You need a browser which supports 'frames' to use DeafLab.


At the top of each page is a control panel of buttons. This image is 'image mapped', which means that it allows you to click on separate parts of the image and it will bring you to different places.

Obviously, if you have graphics turned off, image mapping will NOT WORK until you have clicked on that picture to load it into your browser. Also, each image has an ALT alternative text sentence so you can know what everything is.


Some computers might not allow image mapping to work properly and some users might be using UNIX-based systems (such as Lynx) for web browsing. I have tried to accommodate all people even though this site is very much a graphic site and it makes little sense for a person to want to view an art site with graphics turned off... But, it has more to do with the limitations set by hardware equipment.


I have included text links for every menu item so, if your computer does nothing when you click on the graphic buttons use the text links at the bottoms of each page to move around.


This does not mean this is an X rated site. However, it IS an artistic gallery site and I'll guarantee you that at any time there may be depictions of the human body that some might find offensive or intrusive. If you are pruddish, it is advised that you go somewhere else. YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE TO VIEW THIS SITE. The use of any of the six access buttons will be considered affirmation that you are of age to view the material.

All of the images and text on this web site that were done by Gary are copyright © 1998 All photographic images that were done by Christine are copyright © 1998. No image or text may be used by any person, organization or business for any purpose whatsoever without my express written permission.

If you have any questions or suggestions please send them to:

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