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'Gary's Art Gallery' Part of 'The Electric Lighthouse'.  
Childhood, Art School and Adult drawings, sketches, etchings, 
animations and multimedia.

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Gary's Artwork

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Adult Drawings
Art School Drawings
Childhood Drawings

There are three ways to view Gary's gallery.

Image Indexes

This method is good if you have a fast computer

They load small 'thumbnail-sized' pictures of all images in that category so you can click on the ones you'd like to view larger. You also have access to all text for each image. However, on slow computers you will wait a long time for it to load all the images. These are available by clicking on any of the three text links above. One advantage of using this method is a new window 'spawns off' for you when you click on either a picture or 'text' link so you won't lose your index.

Regular Text-Linked Index

This method is good if you have a slower computer.

If you click on INDEX you will have access to one of three text-linked Gary images lists: Adult Drawings, Arts School Drawings or Childhood Drawings. From them you may view any image by clicking on it's name.

One disadvantage to doing it this way is you can't read that image's text from the index. However, if you click on any name, you'll be able to read the text from the 'FRWD/BKWD' page which appears.

FRWD and BKWD arrow keys

This method is good if you wish to see every image in a sequential fashion on a slow or text-based computer.

All three methods can bring up the 'FRWD/BKWD' pages, but the indexed methods allow random viewing of the images or allow you to choose where in the seqeunce to begin browsing.

Use is simple: Click the right arrow to move forward an image
Click the left arrow to move back an image.

If you click on any underlined sentence just below an image, it will bring up the associated text for that image.

Click on the image, itself, to see a better quality image or to start an interactive demo.

If you have any questions or suggestions please send them to:

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