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Entrepreneurs' University Mission statement:to proivde both cognitive learning and financing for entrepreneurs who accede to our guidelines.

(For those not prepared for college, perhaps Entrepreneurs' High School
might be a preferred place to begin your entrepreneurial education.)

ENTREPRENEURS' UNIVERSITY will require of each student applicant:

1) A word processed essay, 5 pages, on why they want to attend EU.

2) After being provided the format; A proposal business plan.  

3) A word processed essay, 5 pages, on how he/she would eradicate racism in the 
U.S. and world-wide.

4)  In lieu of any test scores, the individual will be obligated to pass an 
English test or attend the pre-Business English class.

4a) An applicant for tuition waiver must do individual research and locate an 
unmet need in any city in the U.S. and describe how, in a cursory manner, how to 
satisfy this need.

4b) An applicant for financial aid (work study) will be assigned to work for a 
company owned by the university unless the student finds another employer willing
to provide some training and livable wages.

4c) All foreign students will, upon receipt of their pending grade, be required
to do one year internship in their native country.  This internship requires
them to take their newly found skills and either start, buy or joint venture a
troubled business or one that is not tapping all viable alternative markets.  
This student will assist in that activity and be paid according to any agreement
in writing between the entrepreneur and the business owner.

The building will house the international world HQ for:
Eu, ECI, ERealty, EBank, EBuilders, Erehab, EPropMgt, EResorts, EInn (restaurants) EHospital, etc. E Realty

We will have an auditorium on the first floor with the shopping center so that a performing arts entrepreneurial group may express itself (entertainers are definitely entrepreneurs!)

Each course will be available on computer.
Each instructor will create all applicable teaching materials and tests and answer all student questions. Since the concept of entrepreneurship is one of being in charge and being basically alone in decision making, the teachers will facilitate but not dictate! If a student can negotiate for something different and defend well, then the student suggestion will be acceptable for a change in the applicable student's special learning contract for any one class or the applicable degree.
EU's library will hold no books--it will have an on-line data base to the Library of Congress. We will also absorb data bases from any library that has such. We will have current stock market quotes from every change in the world, on-line to CNN news, and data bases on international facts (like at the local library) and mag and newspaper articles.

EU will be be able to bring up the floor plans of any non-secure building, every public firm and its officers and type of business, color maps of every city in the world, lists of every company in the world, sites of every water, electricity, gas and refuse municipality. I want sites for trains, buses, airports, taxis, etc., be able to see the roadways everywhere in the world so that any planning that needs to be done can be done! EU will have access to weather reports, history records, disasters, changes to and away from parks, larger buildings, dams, etc.

EU will be able to hook up to any supplier's and any bank's fax, what services suppliers exist and where, and their BBB record. I want to know who has been sued; We will have large data bases.
We want to know military capability, militia sizes, newspaper and magazine subscription sizes, etc.

Our students WILL be able to create a business plan in a week!

EU will send photographers with both video and still to every city in the world to both overtly and covertly photograph everything--what is happening on the treets, what businesses are in existence, terrorism activity, recreational activity, military activity, tourism activity, port activity, train activity, bus activity, and mini interviews with similar business people--newspaper reporters, attorneys, CPAs, bar owners, newspaper stand sellers, deli operators, etc.
If it is safe or unsafe to sell or set up shop somewhere, I want the latest data on such! I want from the Marble Bars of the world, to Nepals of the world! Where it would be unsafe to visit, I want to outfit secret cameras and hire locals to take our equipment and shoot specific things. Benefits from completion of our curriculum:

if Cert--employment at one of our firms

If AA--Management at one of our firms

If BS--your sole site business financed

If MA--a public firm financed

If Ph.D--a holding firm financed to include 2+ subsidiaries.
 I want to complete my computer software financial statements so that Lotus is 
out of business!  My business plan will be the normal one used within 24 months
of publication!  I expect to be able to sell 1 Billion copies within 36 months!  
Entrepreneurs' University awards a Certification or one of these degrees:
Ph. D

Each candidate must prepare a business plan for either
1) a modification of a business or
2) a new business, regardless whether the student is in the Certification, AA, BS, MS or Ph. D. program.

Each class taught will have direct relevance to entrepreneurship!
Mandatory classes include (one or more chapters from my book are a minimum)
36 units for a certification.--usually 30,
78 units for an AA usually 60
156 units for the BS usually 130
185 units for a MA usually 160
230 units for a Ph.D usually 210

All levels of degrees/Certification will have core and optional classes.
All courses are 3 units;
All students need these 12 core classes: Certification students need only core classes (36 units).
1-Small business management; 
2-Entrepreneurship; and will generate a word processed plan with financials
3-New Venture Management;
6-Location Analysis;
7-Merchandising (buying);
8-Personnel Management;
9-Business Mathematics;
10-Analysis of Financial Statements (not Acct i and ii);
	(NO stat or calculus!)
11-Personal Finance--understanding use of money--investment, cost 	of money, 
after tax net value, etc;
12-Understanding blanket loans;
 AA students need 60 units, Core and these additional mandatory courses: 
14 x 3= 42, 36 = 78 hours

1-Bank, SBA, venture capital investor and lender paperwork and requirements; 2-Renting vs leases vs buying; 3-Layout of office or store and equipment; 4-Computer operations and opportunities for efficiency; 5-Advertising; 6-Investing daily cash revenues and profits; 7-Insurance needs; 8-Protect from theft, embezzlement, strikes, break-ins, accidents; 9-Advanced education; 10-Seminars, trade shows, magazines, etc; 11-Newspapers; Local, national and international papers; WSJ,trade 12-Competition, Judging and developing strategies to compete; 13-Dealing with phenomena; fires, floods, wind, etc; 14-Selling out, going public via IPOs, acquiring CH 11 OTC;
optional courses for AA students Obtaining the best credit terms; Vacationing; hours off, weekends off, weeks off, holidays;

BS candidates will complete the following 15 courses in addition to the core classes: (45 units additional to the core)
1-Incubator design and site analysis; 2-Entrepreneurial Economics; 3-Unions--weaknesses--reason for original existence; 4-Social/Cultural Anthropology; 5-Weather Science; 6-Entrepreneurial Geography, city, state, national, world; 7-Entrepreneurial History of city, state, national, world; 8-Sales Letters combined with English; 9-Political Science re. voting: city and county, state and federal laws relating to small businesses; 10-Negotiating; 11-Mail order business; 12-cottage industry; 13-Scourge of MLM-; 14-SBICs and MESBICs; 15-Acquiring and Re-capping Ch 11 OTC's; Some credit granted for life/work experiences;
To complete a graduate degree, one must write and have published a newspaper column in their field of specialty. This must be published while a student at EU.
MA and Ph.D students/candidates will do papers and projects! Instructor/advisor will help student determine the combination of projects and fe experiences needed to earn degree!
195 units for a MA-- usually 160 230 units for a PhD usually 210
MS candidates: each project, worth 50 units = 25% of the number of units needed to graduate.
Project #1--Student must start a bank or VC fund, or Project #2--Student must acquire a Ch 11 OTC; Project #3--Student must hire 6 employees for said bank or OTC; Project #4--Candidate must also acquire 5 apartment complexes (duplex or larger) in South Phoenix and re-hab to like-original condition, making FHA qualified, and rent to qualified home owner to be's from tenants living within 6 miles radius. (located anywhere)
Ph. D candidates must have completed the requirements for a Master's degree (BOTH a bank and a VC fund and capitalize said bank and fund and hire 6 employee for each) and--Project #5--Candidate must acquire 25 houses and equity-share these with the apartment dwellers just rented to! (Located anywhere.)
Finally, candidate must evaluate entire Certification to Ph. D. offerings and xamine graduate's results and suggest changes if any, to include courses needed hat are not offered, courses that are no longer relevant and optional courses if applicable. The candidate is to teach one of his recommended courses for one semester with an acceptable rating by advisor and dean, and then student is last graduated with Ph. D!
All students automatically quality for financial aid by working at a student's (grad) store or a business owned by EU. Pay is minimum wage plus 5-15% of the firm's net, paid weekly.
We will set up an incubator next door to the university
Minimum two PC's and a lap in each room.
Each student who earns a 3.5 average gets his/her business funded;
An international specialist in "Americas" Europe, another for Africa, and other for Arabia, and another for the Pacific;
Every borrower gives a 5-25% tickler/kicker, and a power of attorney to the school to run the business till the firm pays the loan to 49%; Entrepreneurs' University 4646 E. Entrepreneurs' Ave Gila River, Arizona 85345 279-0561 Application for Admission to Entrepreneurs' University. Your name Your Address: Street #, Street Name, City, If not from Arizona, State, and if not from USA, nation Home phone a work phone (whose?) message # if applicable Degree or Certification sought: Certification, AA, BS, MS, Ph. D. Monitoring classes is not permitted. All students are serious prospective or current entrepreneurs. You may change your degree or certification aspirations upon petition. Do you need financial aid? Yes No (no partial answer available) Do you need special assistance; signing interpreter? reader? Language terpreter? Physical movement assistance? NOTE to parents: EU is designed for adult entrepreneurs, but minors are allowed admission without special requests needed. EU believes that because the world of entrepreneurs includes hustlers and con men and proposal specialists, that if any student thinks he or she is being manipulated (asked or directed to something that is not reasonable), it is the students' responsibility to bring same to the attention of the dean of students immediately. Sexual harassment or other charges will be examined immediately but EU's statute of limitations is 60 days. As this is not a public institution, EU reserved the right to investigate each student and employee candidate's application and background. While EU is designed to serve adults, it is the intent at EU that only legal entrepreneurial activity will be studied and engaged in. If any student or employee is involved in illegal activity or potential illegal activity, that person or those persons so accused face expulsion and will be granted an admission committee hearing to determine whether EU's philosophies are being violated or threatened. EU will not become prey ground for anyone. If you have any past record that would expose anyone to the cross bar hotel environment (ex-jail/prison resident), state so now and you may present your position to the admission committee. No admission may be granted to anyone with any criminal record without 100% review commission acceptance! Finally, the founders of EU do not understand the concept of racial bigotry. Any form of bigotry found offensive to any employee or student is susceptible to expulsion and an admission committee hearing is mandatory when accusations of bigotry exist. Special EU's philosophy: EU is unique unto itself and is a private institution. EU will not permit the promotion of multi-level marketing on or off campus by any student or employee at EU. EU's founder has examined multi-level marketing and in 20 years, has never found an officer of any MLM firm willing to debate in an open forum MLM's disease. It is possible that some new hybrid of MLM is not a scourge to free thinking and promoting entrepreneurs' everywhere. However, like racial prejudice, it is hard to conceive of any MLM that did not harm the community or, often times, the participants who are often either naive or unscrupulous. Therefore, MLM will be examined in a college course to learn about its foibles and will not be preached about nor practiced by any employee or student, on or off campus. Any graduate of EU has his or her certificate or degree jeopardized (EU will terminate its rights) if found at any time to practice or preached MLM at any time, for the remainder of the graduate's life! Previous educational experience: Favorite part of elementary school: worst part of elementary school: Favorite part of high school: worst part of high school: Any collegiate course work completed? Yes No If yes: College name(s) and address(s) Favorite part of college: worst part of college: Any post graduate collegiate course work completed? Yes No If yes: Favorite part of post graduate college: worst part of post graduate college: Post graduate college name(s) and address(s): What type of annual take home pay do you wish to be earning 1, 3, 5 and 10 years from now? How do you wish to be earning this take home pay? Have you been employed by another before? Yes No. If yes Best part of previous employment Worst part of previous employment Previous employment name(s) and address(s): Are you employed now by another?: Yes No. If yes Best part of current employment: Worst part of current employment: Current employment name(s) and address(s Are you now self-employed, either part of full time, either from a home or commercial site? Yes No. If Yes: Best part of current self-employment: Worst part of current self-employment: Current self-employment name(s) and address(s It is desired that EU expand thusly:
First, to Dallas, then Chicago, then Atlanta, then NYC, then Pennsylvania. Then, to West Australia, Lago DeGarda, Italy, London, England, Bangladesh, 'y' India, and 1 city each; Russia, Bulgaria, Rumania, Japan and South Africa and the next two poorest West African nations and to Mexico City and 2 others in other Mexican cities, and one each in the other central American countries. EHS (ENTREPRENEURS' HIGH SCHOOL); our lower end teaching 1-12 grades.xxxxx[insert link to EHS!] Here, we instill the same things as above, but on a more elementary level. Each student is assigned, depending on grade level, elementary tasks to be performed at the school and at a business to be owned by the school.
We will use a combination of simple positive reinforcement and Montessori where the elder students guide the younger ones. Each student's family must either pay for tuition or be willing to work as a tutor for the child under the school's guidance at our place. Those needing a safe house will be provided one. Medical and dental services will be provided all students automatically by company owned clinics. Course descriptions: Small business management Generalized course on how to run a business concentrating on the uniqueness of micro sized and its particular advantages (fast changing, cost to start or buy, easier to control) and liabilities (fewer managerial help staff, harder to attract top quality staff, harder to get credit from banks and vendors); Will limit topics to retailing though will touch on manufacturing and wholesaling to delineate differences. Entrepreneurship The uniqueness of this course is on attitude; entrepreneurs provide an image and color and theme and are led by a "cheerleader" (Peters). The slant here is not intrapreneurship (newly opened divisions within fortune 500) but in opening or expanding or buying a firm that needs change. Entrepreneurs are to business what educators are to students; change agents! New Venture Management This course is slightly different because the first just indicates how to open, buy or expand from the one man/woman philosophy with the helpers not emphasized. NVM is concerned with the holistic perspective; how to combine the employees, vendors, debtors and banks into the closest thing that might resemble a cohesive whole! How to make the entire entity seem like a mini business from everyone's point of view! Sales The mandatory reading includes Girard, Clements, Bettger and White's tutorial-- the books I have read and tried to follow! The main perspective here is identifying benefits rather than feature and being marketing oriented, not sales person oriented. How to increase one's cold call ratio, how to make the sale, how to turn quality employees, vendors and previous customers into sales people. Marketing Zeroing in on to the science and philosophy of getting the word out and developing sales campaigns to include a heavy emphasis on advertising and PR and being creative as hell in trying to compete. Location Analysis Considering the Folsom Lake restaurant and Charlie Anderson's sites, one must make many important decisions in order to come up with a viable location for one's business. Most all media discuss how to write or negotiate for the best lease, but here we discuss the highly desirable approach, for those not needing a shopping center site, in building one's site. net profits and external real estate investments. How to expand. Understanding blanket loans Having Harold teach this course. Why blankets on income property and businesses makes the most sense for the lender and borrower. Bank, SBA, venture capital investor and lender paperwork and requirements Will hopefully own a bank and will have the applicable officer teach this class-- all students will write a business plan on a computer and include a bank application. Renting vs leases vs buying This course relates to the site, equipment and vehicles, all as applicable. Also, when to sell excess equipment and lease back, freeing up needed capital to use elsewhere. Layout of office or store equipment To be taught by a combination of equipment vendors and interior designers. Few stores make use of said experts to make their stores welcome places to spend money within! Computer operations and opportunities for efficiency How to use financial statements, data bases and other documents or software to ake decision making easier and more profitable. Advertising Taught by ad agency specialist. How to budget, design (on computer) campaigns for radio, T.V., billboard, flyers, et al. How to determine most applicable media. Investing daily cash revenues and profits How to find CD's, and perhaps, just perhaps, other businesses (to own or just invest in) that need your daily cash and can help you gain better use of this type cash. (Some businesses have super high ROI, but only generate cash bi-monthly or monthly--expensive for them and an opportunity for you. Insurance needs Employee bonds, theft, health, vehicle, building, CEO replacement, etc. Protect from theft, embezzlement, strikes, break-ins, accidents Bringing in security specialist. Advanced education I would help teach this-- advantages of continuing with EU. Quick intro to various faculty in each higher level--one or two teachers from AA, BS, MS, Ph.D. Seminars, trade shows, magazines, etc Types of media available, their purposes, costs, locations, etc. Presented by a trade show rep or TS association president. Newspapers; Local, national and international papers; WSJ, trade Which ones a consultant recommends you read, which are applicable to your business--librarian teaches this course with consultant as guest speaker. Competition, judging and developing strategies to compete Who your competitors are, what they are doing and lots of research assignments for students to determine whom they are about to compete with. Perhaps MR firm officer teaches class. Dealing with phenomena; fires, floods, wind, etc Taught by both business consultant, safety consultant and visits by fire, police and other specialist. Selling out, going public via IPOs, acquiring CH 11 OTC Taught by Bryant Fischler. How to make the bigger $bucks. Obtaining the best credit terms Mortgage broker teachers, and our Bank officer helps. Vacationing; hours off, weekends off, weeks off, holidays A health specialist teaches and is supplemented with travel agent. Incubator design and site analysis Taught by myself and school prof's who have done so elsewhere. Commercial Realtor supplements. Entrepreneurial Economics How one's business interrelates to other businesses on street, part of city, city, etc. How one's buying affects wholesalers and manufacturers and both national and international suppliers. How a person's buying or not buying affects the chain of the dollar. Unions--weaknesses--reason for original existence Retired union members vs. laid off union workers from 3-5 fields will supplement instructor. Social/Cultural Anthropology Who your customers, suppliers and employees are. How and why they are different and how to turn these differences into assets. (And how to get out of jams after the fact.) Weather Science Bring in TV weather person to describe how to detect and then, things that can be done to prepare and exploit--sales, etc. Entrepreneurial Geography; city, state, national, world Where are you, and how is your neighborhood, city, state, nation unique and who else lives there? How is the terrain important to your business? How might you take a potential liability (flood plain, snow area) and turn into an asset? How well constructed and maintained and regulated (safe) are the place's airports , seaports, trains, busses, cars, people carriers? Some places are fine during one or more seasons and are intimidating during hot or cold seasons! Perhaps the weather is a major reason more trade is impractical?! Bangladesh needs everything but cannot pay for it and floods annually?! A disaster waiting to happen (80% communist too?!) Entrepreneurial History of city, state, national, world Probably taken in conjunction with EG; how each continent, then nation, and student preferred cities were founded/created. There is a reason for the foundation of any group of peoples. Some were created by reason of fighting faction treaties. Some were created as merged names of settlers, others via privileges of relatives (Amerigo Ves Pucci=America!) Some places grew calmly, slowly, throughout its history and others (Mogadishu, Somalia) have had unreast since their beginning. Once we determine why they exist, we can then help determine how each contributes to its continent's growth or fractionalizing, and whether its people are being helped or hindered internally or externally! Some are staunch Democrats, others, socialists, others communists. Why are they what they are and are they succeeding economically and politically? Who do they trade with and why? What do they need and why? Because lots of people live somewhere, are they ecessarily a good market? China, N. Korea, S. Africa, Russia and other such places have no world-tradable resources, capital or trade systems enabling outsiders to be safe if trade were to exist! Is there any feasible way an EU student could viably create a business to trade with them? Obvious. Stories of failures and successes in your industry for homework. Sales Letters combined with English Using Clement stone, bettger, and Girard and sales letters authors to come up with the best combination. Political Science re. voting: city and county, state and federal laws relating to small businesses Some places do not want to deal with Americans. Fine, for foreign students. Some places want American technology and/or goods but cannot or will not pay for them. Is a letter of credit procurable and safe? Whom to bring in? Negotiating Bryant maybe teaches. Top sales person found to supplement. Mail order business CEO of MO business offered as guest. Specific steps to take to make your own MO business to supplement walk-in traffic. Every student must make up mini business plan to include mail order. Cottage industry Maybe we can help home-bound people become entrepreneurs. Or new mothers become entrepreneurs. Invite C I spokes people to talk. Scourge of MLM- Whom to teach--I will be guest lecturer. SBICs and MESBICs My banker will teach. How to connect (after qualifying) to an SBIC or MESBIC to assure continuous capital. Acquiring and Re-capping Ch 11 OTC's Me and Bryant. Why it can be valuable yet the paperwork and obligations and it is not free money. EU training academy; our lower-end, teaching 1-12 grades. Here, we instill the same things as above, but on a more elementary level. Each student is assigned, depending on grade level, elementary tasks to be performed at the school and at a business owned by the school. The school will guide students using a combination of simple positive reinforcement and Montessori where the elder students guide the younger ones. Each student's family must either pay for tuition or be willing to work as a a safe house will be provided one. Medical and dental services will be provided all students automatically by company-owned clinics. We would have water condensators to collect water and some way to recycle everything!
INSTRUCTOR'S APPLICATION: Each instructor must have owned at least one small business from a retail site and have a 4 year business degree--or some equivalency! Application for instructors: Your name Your Address: Street #, Street Name, City, If not from Arizona, State, and if not from USA, nation Home phone a work phone (whose?) message # if applicable Degrees held: Certification, AA, BS, MS, Ph. D. Teaching experience: Collegiate attendance: employment experience: self-employment experience: (if with others, state their names and positions) Are you more than singularly linguistic? If so, please stipulate Languages: List all nations of previous residency: List all states of previous residency: Your preferred classes to teach and why?: Classes you wish not to teach and why: Your hobbies: How have you spent your last 3 vacations of over 4 days length per vacation? List types of real property previously owned: List types of real property currently owned: List other than family and friends financial resources used for start-up capital and/or expansion capital: You are indicating you wish employment with EU as an instructor of________________. After 2-5 years, do you wish to seek other employment within EU? Are you going to be employed or self-employed elsewhere while teaching at EU?__________Where? What type of other opportunity would provoke you to resign from EU? Have you ever held (other than with any school or college or church) any elective post? What and where and when? Can you comfortably merge other class materials and methods and philosophies with your own? For example, if a class discusses the great need for a change in political association from socialism and communism to democracy in Bangladesh in the Political Science courses, can you in your class compliment this philosophy you ignore what other classes teach and simply offer your opinions within and external to your subject matter? Can you imagine a ship with each crew person desiring a different destination and different modes of operations? It cannot work. EU is not foolproof but needs continuity and logic. If we cannot share the same logic and end results, we will have educational chaos. Also, different points of view are important to growth in education. There will be a swimming pool in the center of the first floor, and a shoping ceter surrounding this pool area. Parking will be one or two floors below. I need how much space: 2,625,000. My building will be a minimum of 300 feet wide at the shopping ceter leve. The building will be 8 stories tall, and one or two floors subterranean. I want dorm space for 1/2 OF my 17, 500 students. Our parent company is Entrepreneurial Consulting, Inc. , Paradise City, is our new community for retired Hawaiians and and other retired people, and Entrepreneurs' Village, is our creative center for our investment and entrepreneurial friends.