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As an ex-media studies student, I gained a fairly healthy interest in the workings of the broadcast media. Forget the programmes, far more interesting is the alliances, rivalries, behind-the-scenes wranglings, and general skulduggery between the various companies that run British television. Bearing that in mind, here is a list of all the best sites on this sort of subject:

The Unofficial Stuff:

Digital Spy - News and gossip about British and international TV.

TV Ark - An extensive archive of old TV idents and information.

Darren Meldrumn's Homepage - Loads of stuff on the history of TV.

The Ether Net - Lots more cool TV stuff, and the home of the UK broadcasting webring (see below).

Media UK - Websites for all Sky, Freeview and Cable channels, plus programme links.

The Independent TeleWeb - A potted history of most of the ITV companies.

Another Television Website - BBC, Grampian and Channel 4, amoung others.

The Unofficial Thames Page - The history of the one-time ITV station.

TSW Online - The former franchise holder for South West England.

ITV Southern England - The story of Southern, TVS and Meridian.

The Harlech House of Graphics - Devoted to Welsh Independent TV.

ITV Generic - The efforts to give the network a unified look back in 1989.

British Satellite Broadcasting - The story of the ill-fated Sky rival.

Irish TV - The story of broadcasting in a country that only started at it in the 1960s.

The TV Room - A selection of idents and graphics from UK and Irish TV.

The Irish Television Pages - Another site about Irish television.

TV International - American TV presentation and Australian soaps.

The Official Stuff:

The Official ITV Site

The Official BBC Site

The Official Channel 4 Site

The Official S4C Site

The Official Channel 5 site

The Official Sky TV Site

The Official RTE Site

ITN - Supplier of news to ITV, C4 and C5.

The ITC - The regulator for commercial television in the UK.

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