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Easton Pennsylvania is located in the Lehigh Valley where the Lehigh River meets the Delaware.
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30 Ways to know you are from the Lehigh Valley... via Claudia Krug:
1. You think its hilarious that getting into New Jersey is free,but you have to PAY to get out
2. You take pride in the fact that after crossing into PA (from NJ) there is a sign that says "Welcome to Pennsylvania, America Starts Here"
3. You thought everyone in the world had 2 or 3 different choices for ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX ("this reception is getting fuzzy, there must be a storm in Philly, I'll just switch to the New York Channel")
4. You've ever had to explain that you are really from Pennsylvania, not someplace in Israel ( for those of you Non-Lehigh Valley people, the towns next to us are Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Emmaus)
5. You think Industrial Parks are better uses of the land then farms.
6. You actually can show people the dairy where your milk comes from.
7. You've ever thought that Wal-marts are "creeping in" from the south.
8. If it takes less than ten minutes to get to a mall but more than 10 minutes to park and get inside
9. When Roadside America isn't a warm nostalgic idea but a place you've passed on I-78
10. If you can go to a church bazaar every night all summer and not go to the same one twice (and not win at bingo either) and not even belong to the Church or know anyone in it.
11. If you lived somewhere between Mario or Michael Andretti's houses and Larry Holmes' place and yet never watched a Race or a Prize Fight
12. If you have rooted for either side in a Lehigh - Lafayette game.
13. If you own a piece of Lehigh-Lafayette memorabilia (eg a brick glued to a plaque, a cylindrical piece of white wood from a supposed goal post from a certain year, etc.)
14. If you have a sticker on your car from a college that no one in your family currently attends (i.e., Penn State University)
15. If you prefer Yocco's over Pott's or vice versa ( Or Richard's, AKA Greasy Dicks)
16. If you think Quakertown is far away (25 minutes by car) but you think nothing of driving 15 minutes one way to pick up a friend and then backtrack another 25 to get your other friend and then realize you forget to pick up another one of your friends so you drive back 10 to get them and then another 20 to go to the movies on a Friday night.
17. If you've ever been to a 'platz.
18. If you've ever missed work, a family reunion, funeral or wedding for a wrestling match. (not professional wrestling, but high school....for some oddball reason, the Lehigh Valley has about 4 or 5 of the best teams in the country)
19. If you or any of your relatives have ever "worked the beer tent."
20. You know someone who lives in forks.
21. If you know the real reason kids have off from school the Monday after Thanksgiving (opening day of Buck season)
22. When you and your coworkers discuss the "game last weekend" on Monday morning, you're referring to high school football and you know that most people go to the football games to watch the marching bands and not the game (in Easton, at least)
23. You sit out in the freezing cold weather on Thanksgiving every year, even if you don't know anyone in the football game, just to see if Easton or Philipsburg will win the "Big Game" this year- Easton!!!!
24. You can say that there are four highways going through your town- 22, 33, 611, and 78 and you also know all of the shortcuts to get around from taking them because of too much construction.
25. You can say that you are half-way between New York City and Philadelphia, when people ask you where the heck is Easton?? or the Lehigh Valley.
26. People wonder why you don't go to Lafeyette, Lehigh, Moravian, Cedar Crest, Muhlenburg, NACC, Allentown College, Allentown Business School, Penn State- Allentown campus, etc, for school and all you can say is I WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!
27. You have the really good smell of bread baking from Maier's Bakery when you walk outside school.
28. You can say that you are from the home of the first crayon and marker factory to make it big...and you went to see how crayons were made when you were in elementary school.
29. If you've ever been to the Weller Health Center to see T.A.M. or to watch a video about a baby being born
30. The first cheers you learn to do in school are " We've Got the Spirit, Yeah, We've Got the Spirit, Yeah, We Got the Spirit, Yeah, We've Got the What, What What, What, What What What What What What What, We've Got the Spirit! and you know the all of the motions
.....and finally, " We're From Easton Can't Be Prouder if You Can't Hear Us We'll Yell a Little Louder" and we do our best to prove ourselves true!!
OK Now that I made you suffer through it, even though I doubt all of you have read it, there is a little insight to the lives of those of us who live in the incredible Lehigh Valley.. (now you know why i go looney sometimes)

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