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This is a listing of many of the books written by Michael Moorcock, notice I said most...he has other literary works under the pen-name of Edward P. Bradbury. I strongly recommend that you read at least the title book prior to running any of the adventures I have posted.

The Elric Saga Other Elric Books The Corum Saga
  • The Knight of the Swords
  • The Queen of the Swords
  • The King of the Swords
  • The Bull and the Spear
  • The Oak and the Ram
  • The Sword and the Stallion
  • The Hawkmoon Saga The John Daker(Erekose')Saga The Michael Kane Saga Jerry Cornelius The Oswald Bastable Novels The von Bek Series The Chronicles of Castle Brass The End of Time Series OTHER MOORCOCK TOMES