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The Eternal Champion


"Some would say life is a charm...I'm convinced that it's a curse...I'm stuck here starts all over just when it should comes that familiar feeling again...I'm down and feeling ill..wish there was someone I could kill" - L7

The Eternal Champion is both a blessing and a curse. He will never a sense since time is cyclic and never ending. He exists on all planes simultaneously...or perhaps not. He is always destined for something great...or cataclysmic as the Lords of Law and Chaos pull sway over his actions like a pawn on a chessboard. He is doomed to always remember everyone he has ever been but never know whether or not it is the future or the past that he remembers. His memories sometimes only plague a particular incarnation of the Eternal Champion in the form of dreams or nightmares...whether or not he is asleep is not relevant! He will usually have an Eternal Companion...who is usually doomed to die or vanish before the Champion's destiny is fulfilled. The Companion sometimes is on the side of the Balance and may only aid the Champion with encouragement before he is ripped back into the Multiverse.

Eternal Champions: The original was John Daker who became Erekose and managed to save one race while destroying his own! Erekose later became Urlik Skarsol. On the Young Kingdoms, Elric of Melnibone travels with Moonglum of Eshmir. During the Tragic Millenium, Dorian Hawkmoon is the hero. Corum, the Prince in the Scarlet Robe is yet another incarnation on a fantasy realm somewhere between Elric's and Hawkmoon's! Michael Kane, the earth scientist who travelled to Mars' past...falls in there somewhere alongside of Oswald Bastable, the Warlord of the Air, and we can't forget the Von Bek family! In the midst of most of them there is Jhary, the eternal companion who knows what his lot is and usually finds the Champion and tells him to quit whining! Jhary is most likely an incarnation of Jerry Cornelius, assassin, traveler, and all around confused wise-ass!!

If I were to break down the Eternal Champion, by Disadvantages and Advantages, it would take a long time.

I will do so for simplicity's sake for those point mongers among you (and the simply curious as well)... The Eternal Champion works out to be a 115 point Package...don't get too excited it is loaded with Disadvantages! I used the GURPS Basic and the Compendium books for this, if you disagree...well...change it to suit your game. I STRONGLY recommend not letting PCs take this Package!!!