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Casino Relief

... for those of us who have fallen under the spell ...

Is there someone you care about who is spending too much time, therefore money, at a nearby casino?
Maybe they are silently screaming "Help! I've fallen in love with the casino and I can't get out!"
Once you win, you want to win again... and again... and again...

If you (or someone you know) would like some insightful tips about how to better control your casino money -- plus learn about the most common and costly pitfalls we can all fall into during our gambling activity -- then inspiration is available.

To order "Tips for Surviving Casino Fever", please send  $9.95 to: Casino Relief,  P.O. Box 86831,  Tucson, AZ  85754-6831.
Please allow several weeks for processing and mail delivery.   Correspondence may be sent e-mail to