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TELECARTE-Phonecard (en construction)

Collector's homepage.

List of French Phonecards.
adresse de collectionneurs
Andrea swap list
Gianfranco's page
Renato's page

Example de telecartes d'Oman:
* Essential Oman cards;
* Ingineer card;
* cardex 97;
* Butterflies 5 rials; Butterfiles 3 rials; Butterflies 1.5 rials;
* Horse: Ahazig ; Horse: Hilal ; Horse: Hamsa ; Horse: Yasmeen ; Horse: Mossad ;
* Rights of Pedestrian; Speeding is dangerous ; Hands free Accident free ( an examplary driver observes the traffic rules ) ;

Autres photos (coming soon)

* The 3 first cards r not for swaping.
Did someone send me cards and didn't get anything from me? If this happen, please don't hesitate to tell me. I will do my best to arrange the inconvenience
Sorry to those collectors, I didn't reply to their messages until now. I will try to answer very soon.
My swap list
Cards I like more
Quelques Collectionneurs:
Bernard Puaux ; Andrej Krsek ; Takachi Morioka ; Renato Saccani ;

Autres adresses
Note: ecrivez moi si vous voulez echanger quelques cartes ou si vous voulez ajouter votre page sur la liste "Collector's homepage".
Send an e-mail if u want to swap some cards or if u want to add your homepage on the list "Collector's homepage".
PLEASE, *after 2 or 3 months* don't use the e-mail wich is written down, I won't reply soon. After that time u can always click here for sending messages. Thanks

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