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In Memory of Our Son

May 2, 1997 was the best day of our lives. We anticipated this day for months. It was the day that this beautiful face entered our world. And he has been the center of it ever since.
We never imagined that Aaron would ever leave us. It never even crossed our minds. Until one day, he was gone. September 5, 1997 was a horrible day. On the morning of September 5, 1997, we held and kissed our beautiful son. He gave us his usual goodmorning smile. Those smiles were "our sunshine". Only a few hours later, we held him and kissed him as he lay lifeless in our arms.
We would do anything to turn back the clock, do things different. But we can't. It's a helpless and hopeless feeling to not be able to make it better. We try to make sense of it all. Why did my child have to die? Why Aaron? He was happy, healthy and so so loved. We run circles in our heads and exhaust ourselves in the process. It's a hard to accept that no matter how hard we try, we will never know why.
Four months is all that we had with him. I would wake him in the morning and say "Goodmorning Sunshine!!!". Aaron would always respond with a huge smile just like the one above. Isn't it the greatest smile you've ever seen? Daddy would fly Aaron around like "Super Baby". Aaron would stretch his legs out and lift his head as if he were really flying. We are thankful for every moment that we had to spend with our precious Aaron boy. Four months doesn't seem like much but four months is all that it took to change our lives in an immeasurable way. We are better people for having known Aaron.
We have wonderful memories of Aaron. Feeling his tiny fingers wrapped around ours...Carrying him and feeling his tiny arms around us...Kissing him on his soft cheeks...Hearing his laugh...Remembering his smile...Seeing his eyes sparkle when he smiled...Remembering the joy that he brought to our hearts...This is how we will always remember our special little boy, Aaron Lee Farrier.

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