~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

...What can I say about you that I haven't said before?

Well. Never the one to be predictable...I'm proud of you.

When you showed up here, do you know what I overheard in the dark crawlspaces of the arenas? “Look at that guy?!” “He's huge!” “He's gonna turn some heads.”...

Oh how right they were, but they didn't see a man hurting. They didn't see what you were carrying, but I did. I guess the reason I can see it. Well...is it so hard to guess.

Someone whose as hurt as I am knows when someone is in pain. I know what it's like to have something that you were addicted to turn you life upside down. I present to you my addiction. CWF...and currently right now I'm diving head first more than Tony Montana in the finale of “Scarface”.

And it is so polluted.

Everyone wants this job. Every boy in the back wants to someday be in charge. They think they know better. They know who deserves things. They will play favorites for the good of the industry because they have ideas.

Allow me to show you my booking philosophy...

I don't give you your match each week to punish you, I give it to you to teach you both a lesson.

If I am one thing you can assure yourself of it's a teacher. Why did I book Dorian against Jace? Was it to soften up Dorian for this match? Was it to showcase that Jace hasn't lost a step? Was it to challenge both of them because the time slot of their match was lacking the week before in the ratings?

All and none?

Did I have a plan when we made that lovely tournament as a solution to the problem of our world title? Why didn't I just put it on myself?


Who cares if you would have cried foul right? I mean I could do it right now and none of you could do a god damn thing about it. What could you do? Threaten to walk. Leave. Most of you have part time contracts anyway...right Jace? Right Jarvis? Come on boys. The biggest clause in everyone's CWF contract but mine has always been the escape clause.

Did I perhaps do this to get the part timers to actually live up to their contractual obligations, or am I simply trying to stir up interest since everyone left us in a lurch. I am at the very least fair...it's not my fault you didn't win your matches that I put you in.

Including myself.

Jarvis won the match. No denying it. I mean...I wouldn't put someone into a situation they couldn't win just to spite them right?


Has anyone else figured out that I'm possibly playing a game you don't understand because you aren't seeing what I am seeing.

Out of all of the competitors...only one is going to be the world champion, but that doesn't mean each and every one of you doesn't deserve something. So I'm making an announcement right here in the middle of my promo. Everyone who made it to the final eight is getting a reward.

Tune in next week to find out what prize you're going to get. I promise...it's something you deserve.

And speaking of something someone deserves...

The Impact Title. I thought long and hard about this match more than any other once it was decided who would be in the world title match. Finding a match for Mia and Shadow was easy. The Paramount Title being held off for one show is not going to kill that division. Far from it. It gives us a chance to show if that title can hold up, but out of everyone else...who really deserves this.

Some may say it's me trying to keep this belt in my group. Far from it. On the list of people I wanted to book I'll be honest. I didn't want to even put your name in the hat Dorian, save for the fact that you deserve it. Probably more than anyone. Some are not ready to fight me, but you...you provide a challenge.

A student whose learned his lesson has only one thing left to do...teach his master.

I know you are made of sterner stuff, as my old master would say, but the question is what have you learned about yourself? And by that what have you learned about me?

Tell me my friend...

Do you see what I see when I look in the mirror or do you still see the mask?

Things to ponder for a moment.

I hate this office. I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! Oh crap someone's knocking at the door. What the fuck is it now? Marketing? Protest groups?...Oh no...It's gotta be lawyers...AHHHHH!!! I go over and open the door. Oh good! It's just one of the board members.

“We need to talk.”Well no one's stopping you so go ahead. “You have seriously got to start taking this seriously.”

“I do take this seriously...and stop calling me seriously. Everyone will think I'm ripping off that clown faced guy again.”

“You mean He...”

“The comparison haunts me much like holes in your underwear from taco bell...”

“Can you focus for a minute.”

“Do you really want me to? Because you really should make sure your secretary doesn't kiss your collar...”He checks and see's I'm right. He glares at me and I wink. “What's on your mind clementine.”

“I have a name you know.”

“I do know...and I don't care...What...Is...It?!”

“So we just got the ratings.”


“It's a smash. Like seriously it's been the most watched show we've had in a while because no one knows what the fuck is going on. They are tuning in because of you being in charge and who is possibly going to inherit this title? I mean...there is only really one downside that we found to it.”

“You guys are a bight bastion of sunshine...what is it?”

“...Well...basically.”He doesn't wanna say it. It has to do with me. “Fans are wondering what you're going to do about that title...you can't keep being a defending champion and run this place Tax. It's to much. We never really had this problem with Rish because...well Rish punched you...you know he wasn't a wrestler.”

“That didn't stop him from almost knocking me the fuck out though. So you guys are worried that I'm holding onto being a performer over being a commishioneer? Is that it?”

“You need to do something for the team here bud...You gotta book yourself into an impossible match or you gotta give up the belt.”

“So...your solution is for me to drop the title...like someone else did and do what? Host two tournaments and ruin two titles in a month period?”

“Hmmm...didn't think of that.”

“Color me surprised.”

“Well who could you defend the title against and it not seem like you're playing a power trip.”I think about this long and hard. Heh...Dick Fury joke. To bad he's in the big match. Silas. Nah. Zack? Nah. Don't wanna doublebook him with his emotions running high. There is no one the fans would want me to face that isn't in a match already...except one...


“He's your stablemate.”

“He's also a former Impact Champion and we feuded for this belt. Look. If I lose to him, no one can deny he's earned it. He's strong. He's unstoppable when he's focused...”

“It'll give him something to focus on besides Cassandra.”It came out of his mouth and I swore I didn't think it first. He looks at me and removes his glasses. “You know. Deep down everyone else on the board thanks that you are some kind of freak who has no rhyme or reason for what he does. But I know otherwise. You care. You care about every single person on that roster because to you it's family. That's your weakpoint Tax. That's where we will have problems. You can't help everyone...but if you want to book Dorian against you. Go ahead. Far be it for me to stop your master plan for now. Just know this, others on the board want to keep you in check. Don't disappoint them.” With that he starts to leave.

“Thank you Carl...”

“So you do know my name.”

“Of course...I asked you secretary when I gave her that shade of lipstick as a gift the other day.”

“...You are a sick bastard you know that.”

“Yes Carl, but I'm on your side...for now.”He smiles and I smile. He leaves and I walk over to my desk. I don't want to be here. I'm a wrestler. I'm not cut out for this. I look down at my Impact Title. Out of all of the belts in CWF it's my favorite. Has such great memories. One last time old friend...let's see if I have the right to earn you. And if not...give you to someone who deserves you.

You want the truth.

I don't want to lose this, but to save face with the suits I might have to. Is it the first time that I have lost a match on purpose. No.

Winning isn't everything.

Titles aren't everything.

People think that wrestling is all about the belts and the victories and they wonder when someone loses just why don't they just quit. And a lot do. I'm looking at Jace and Jarvis as prime examples. When the going gets tough...the part timers quit. That's the CWF mantra. Then you have me.

I don't quit.

I may lose, but I don't quit.

I've got nothing else to live for, so am I going to drop this belt to you just because they ask me to?

With anyone else I would consider it, but not you...I respect you to much.

So I'm going to go all out on this one, with one little promise. I will not bring Chloe into this. She's to much of a dear thing to me to hurt. I know you were expecting me to go there, but it's not from weakness. It's because I don't need her to tear you apart. I just have to ask you one question.

Howse your hands?

Are they shaking?

Is it from me? Or the lack of booze in your gullet?

Is it from me? Or is it your own doubt...

Is it from me? Or is it your fear of yourself. Do not doubt yourself dear boy or I will tear your soul apart...

I would expect nothing less from you Dorian...

Let us see how you fair. I've got two weeks of every staff member and wrestler giving me shit about how I work...guess what...I'm taking it all out on you.

Let's dance big guy...One...Last...Time...AHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!