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Check out how I set off my desktop with some of these themes

Notice how I made the screen of my Wordpad blue. Changing your theme doesn't mean that your screen will be like this though. In the burgundy theme my wordpad is the default white.

Achieve these themes by following the following steps
Step 1: Right click your main screen and select "properties"

Step 2: You should see this.

Step 3: Select "desktop" at the top and change your background. If you're using one of my wallpapers you should save the wallpaper instead of just setting it as your background. Once you've saved it, click browse and locate the saved file.

Step 4: Now that you have your background, let's mix and match colors! Select "appearance" at the top where you found "desktop".

Step 5: If you're using Windows XP you'll have to use the first drop down button to switch from Windows XP style to Windos Classic style, to change the colors.

Step 7: You should see

Step 7: You should see this.