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Text Box: SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Just like reading, drawing is an acquired skill. When we learn to read, we first start with the basics and the process is broken down into steps. Similarly, by understanding the elements and principles of design students acquire the skills they need for success in the visual arts. And, as this “language” of the visual arts is broken down and demystified, student confidence grows. With confidence comes creativity.

CREATIVITY: REMBRANDT’S     CLOSET offers instruction that challenges students to think creatively – to make choices in media and subject, as well as weigh alternative courses of action. The ambiguous nature of art and the multiple choices each project holds provides a critical balance to other school subjects which stress universal laws and singular, correct responses.



FUN: Most of all, art is about having fun. A balance of instructional skill development and the free rein of creativity ensure that students become confident artists absorbed in their work, continually seeing the world anew.