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Text Box: As the sole instructor, I see Rembrandt’s Closet as a unique alternative to extra-curricular art education.  Through guidance and encouragement I will work with my students to demystify the world of art. It is my goal to do away with the notion that art is only for those “born with talent” and open it up for everyone who wishes. 

At the heart of this approach is my goal to teach, not just techniques and tricks, but how to see like an artist. Students work from direct observation, drawing what they see in front of them. Learning how to see forms and lines and shapes makes the complex simple and the overwhelming accessible.

I also introduce my students to the elements and principles of design, the building blocks of sound art and design. An understanding of these common sense principles combined with the ability to accurately observe, give my students the confidence to make art that is engaging and interesting and looks like “real” art. The kids have fun, but what is really gratifying is the genuine sense of pride and accomplishment, and the students’ confidence to tackle anything.

I have lived in Cambridge most of my life and am encouraged to see the vibrant growth of the arts in my community. This town has changed a lot since I was a child and I’ve seen the music festivals, art centres, theatres and galleries really coming into their own. It’s all very exciting and I am pleased to play a part of this rebirth in my own small way.