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Syllabus Summer 2005
Web Design with Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Flash
1. General
2. Course Policies
3. Course Calendar/Assignments

Instructor: Jerome Ta
E mail:
Section 1: 9:00-10:00 AM
Section 2: 10:10-11:10 AM
Classroom: 321 Computer Lab

1. General
1.1 Class Info
This course will present the principles for planning and designing attractive and informative Web pages and Web sites. Students will learn how to use Dreamweaver for web editing. Lessons covering Photoshop and Flash will teach students how to use graphic design to compliment their web designing skills. A final project will require students to create a personal web site using the skills they will have acquired in class.

1.2 Course Webpage
The course webpage is Students will find the course syllabus and daily lesson slides for viewing under the Course Calendar section.

2. Course Policies
2.1 Rules
Any violation of the following will result in 1 verbal warning:

Respect others,
Respect yourself,
Respect your surroundings.

After 3 verbal warnings, students will be sent to Ms. Thompson’s office. If student continues to break the rules, removal from the course will be discussed with her/his parents.

2.2 Attendance
Due to the shortened length of summer school, it is very important for students to attend EVERY class. Irregular attendance will NOT be tolerated. It is very disruptive for the class and myself to bring an absentee student up to speed. If it is necessary for a student to miss a class, she/he MUST present a signed written notice from a parent a day before or after the expected missed class.

2.3 Lateness
Students must arrive to class on time at 9:00 for Section 1 or 10:10 for Section 2.

3. Course Calendar

Week 1: Intro to Dreamweaver
Lesson 1.1-Monday June 20: The Web and Dreamweaver
Discuss Syllabus/IceBreaker
Intro to the Internet (Page 1, Page 2)
Parts of a Web Page (Page 1, Page 2)
Starting Dreamweaver
The Dreamweaver Interface (Page 1)
Show/Hide a Window (Page 1)
Exit Dreamweaver

Lesson 1.2-Tuesday June 21: Setting up a Web Site and the Dreamweaver Interface

Set up a New Web Site:
Create a New Web Page
Add a Title to a Web Page
Save a Web Page
Preview a Webpage in a Browser

Exploring the Dreamweaver Interface:
Format Content w/ the Property Inspector
Adding Elements w/ the Insert Panel
Correct Errors w/ the History Panel
View Panels

Lesson 1.3-Wednesday June 22: HTML Code: A Game of Tag

Intro to HTML
View and Edit Source Code
Structural Tags:


Block Tags Assignment Instructions:
Heading (What Heading level to use? 1,2,3 are good for titles. 4 is like default bold text, 5 and 6 are used in disclaimer info at the bottom of pages)
Paragraph (hit Enter)
Line Breaks (hit Shift+Enter)
Indent (Useful when using big chunks of quotes)
Lists (Used to list text)
Save as "blocktags.htm"

Messing w/ Text Tags Assignment Instructions:

Font Face, Font Size, Font Color, Horizontal Rule, Bold, Special Characters, Save as "texttags.htm"

Image Tags Assignment Instructions:
Image Formats (GIF vs JPEG), Adding a Background Image, Adding Images, Wrap Text around Image, Aligning Images, Resizing an Image, Creating Space Around an Image, Save as "imagetags.htm".

Hyperlink Tags Assignment Instructions:

Links to Other Pages in your Site, Links to Another Web Page, Using an Image as a Link, Jump Links w/in a Page, Linking to a File, Using Image Maps, Changing Color of Links, Creating a Link that Opens in a New Window, Creating an Email Link, Checking Links

Finished Ralph

Clean Up Code
Editing the Head Content

Lesson 1.4-Thursday June 23: Using Tables to Design your Web Page

Lesson 1.5-Friday June 24: Frames

Week 2: Graphic Designing for the Web
Lesson 2.1-Monday June 27: Photoshop Basics
Lesson 2.2-Tuesday June 28: Applying Photoshop to your Web Page
Lesson 2.3-Wednesday June 29: Flash Basics
Lesson 2.4-hursday June 30: Applying Flash to your Web page
Lesson 2.5-Friday July 1: Design Fundamentals, Project Handout

Week 3: Putting it all together
Lesson 3.1-Monday July 4: Independence Day-No class!
Lesson 3.2-Tuesday July 5: Plan Project, Submit Project Idea for Review
Lesson 3.3-Wednesday July 6: Build Site Layout and Skeleton
Lesson 3.4-Thursday July 7: Build Site Layout and Skeleton
Lesson 3.5-Friday July 8: Status Review I

Week 4: Putting it all together II
Lesson 4.1-Monday July 11: Gather/Create Site Content
Lesson 4.2-Tuesday July 12: Gather/ Create Site Content, Status Review II
Lesson 4.3-Wednesday July 13: Insert Content to Site Layout
Lesson 4.4-Thursday July 14: Final Status Review
Lesson 4.5-Friday July 15: Go Live, Upload project to the Web!

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