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Background Color Application!

In order to add a background color to your new web page, a specific code is required. This code is:

body bgcolor="name of color or color code"

This is done by inserting "bgcolor='name of color or color code'" into the opening body tag.

Now, there are two ways to select a color. either you could use the color chart and put the desired color code into the quotation marks.(e.x. "#FF6699")

If you opt not to do that, you could always just use a generic color and type in the name of said color inside the quotation marks.

Using either of these methods will produce a webpage with a beautiful background that makes your site even easier on the eye for your viewers.

Now, if you really want to get hi-tech, you can also change the colors of your links. There are 3 types of links of which you may change the colors. The first one is a regular link. To do this, add "link='name of color or color code'" into the opening body tag. The next one is an active link. This will be the color the link appears as it is transferring you to the other site. To change this color, do the same thing as you would to add a link, but replace the word "link" with "alink." The last type of link is a visited link. This will be the color of the link after it has been visited. Do the same thing as with the link and active link, just put the work "vlink" in.

Here is an example of what a website with a white background, black links, gray active links, and blue visited links would look like:

<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF"