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~~Just a thought~~

i lay here... alone with my thoughts..
the thoughts of you that carry me throughout the night
sometimes peacefully .. sometimes in turmoil.... i close my eyes..
your face dances before me..
the look in your eyes as they follow the length of my body
you can touch me without raising your hand...
you caress me....
by the sound of your voice...
and then i feel you
i feel you reach out to me as i drift off to sleep...
i hear you whisper my name as i slip further into the darkness...
and i come to you
i always come to you....

the darkness engulfs me .. yet i feel your presence
still so strong as you quietly slip behind me.. your
hand reaches up slowly slipping across my bare
back.. pushing my hair to the side,a gentle
caress ... your nails gently gliding back
down following the curve of my spine. a silent
command .. i know not to move... knowing and yet...
not able to... your palm opens slipping over my
behind to the tops of my thighs..gently slipping
between my legs i feel myself grow moist at
your touch .. so soft so enticing. your body presses
against my back as your other hand slips to my waist
slowly sliding around to cup my breast. i feel the warmth of
your breath on my shoulder...your lips coming to
rest at the curve of my neck.
just as you slide your finger gently inside of me..
your teeth come down biting into my flesh a deep
moan whispers past my lips.. i lean back against
your strong chest feeling you wrap around
me..involuntarily i move against your hand cupping
me between my thighs .. another finger slips into the
folds as your thumb slides up i feel you push
against me taking both places in your control..
i reach up to your hand covering my breast.. your
grip tightens. leaning my head back
slightly more ..your lips come down taking mine in
such passion.. i bite down on your lower lip...
feeling myself losing control i hold you for
support as your push deeper into me.. i look up
into your eyes as my teeth sink down
into my lower lip to control my scream.
tightening your arm around me holding
me to you my body trembles as all control is lost
to you. i feel myself throbbing against your hand..
now soaked from me..gently you caress me as my
body begins to calm. slowly turning me toward you
your hands reach up to cradle my face ..
looking deep into my eyes lowering your lips to
mine.. so soft .. your lips
brush against me.. my tongue slips across you
tasting i breathe you deep into me..


my eyes flutter open.. in the quiet of the night...
i smile to myself and reach up ..
the tips of my fingers brush against my lips ..
my tongue slips forth slowly sliding across them...
where i can still taste you... still feel my thoughts


when you close your eyes tonight
think of me and hold me tight
and when your dreams whisper by
feel my touch and hear my sigh
because when the morning light returns
the fire inside ...til night.. will burn


"allalone" by Joe Satriani



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