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Past Projects from Wednesday at Elaine's Quilty Shop

I have only been a member for a couple of weeks. I am posting the projects with the newest pictures on the top.

August 17th:
Many of us had not hand quilted in many years, if ever. So we were sharing new notions and equipment for hand quilting. We were teaching each others our techinques. Elaine would explained many of the historical ( correct) techniques. I loved the discussion we had about past quilters we knew personally and our thought about pioneer quilters.

I will be the first to say I will never learn how "TO ROCK THE NEEDLE!"

Don't look to close at my quilting stencil lines they are very crooked. I also am not getting anywhere near 12 stiches an inch. I even heard of someone getting 30 stiches an inch, but I think they were pulling my leg.

August 10, 2005:

Step One:
This week we worked on a new scrap technique. We all brought our scraps from home. (Some of us traded a scrap or two.) We selected small to medium scraps and sewed them to a strip of scrap.

We then cut apart the strip and sewed them together again on another strip. Adding scraps and fabrics as we went alone. We would trim the backs as we went along also. We would frequently iron as we went along.

Pictures of the final products are to be posted in the future.

Step two:
Once the fabric is large enough and equals the size you like. They are squared up and then sashing is sewn around, in the log cabin method. The squares are then sewn together using the quilter's favorite techinques to make a quilt top.

Here are squares laid out. You can plan out your final layout when you have all your blocks. These are rough cut as I am still not sure what size block I am going to use.


Now remember I am a novice quilter. I have only finished three quilts. (Each made about 5-10 years apart.)

Make your strips large on the outside of your beginning scrap quilt. At first I though too much of the bigger stips would overwhelm the scrapy centers, but when you cut it away it gives you nicer, more stable edges. I used 2 to 3 inch stips to make the outside of the block.

Many of the parts you cut away while squaring your blocks becomes the basis of another scrapy (wonker) quilt center. Just start adding strips to them.

More pictures of the different steps will be included when I get that far. I will also make more of an effort to take pictures of the other member's work as I go along. ( With their permission.) That way you will get an better idea of what and how our projects go. The other members are much better at finishing their projects.

This page updated on August 22, 2005

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