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Home Made Ironing Board Table

This is the back of a Quilter's Ironing Board that one of the husband made for his quilting wife. It sits on top of a standard ironing board so that a quilter can iron her blocks and patches easily. It is very sturdy and stable.

Tools needed:

Saw or have your lumber yard cut the wood to your specifications.
Screws just long enough to go through your board and part way into the 1"x2s."
Electric screw driver or drill with screw bit.

I am posting the instructions here (with permission.) Make modifications to suit your needs. An average ironing board is 14 inches wide by 54 inches long.

To make mine, I went to Home Depot and bought a 4 foot x 4 foot sheet of 1/2 inch A/B plywood. (That means one side was sanded and finshed nicely the other side was a little rough.) You can use particle board but get the one with the fine grain not the coarse grain.

Have the board cut in half length wise. (Home Depot and Lowes will cut your wood according to your specifications for a nominal fee.) Your dimensions will be 24inches x 48 inches.

Cut 1"x2" length of wood (furring strips) to equal the length of your longest sides of your ironing board before it starts to taper ( approximately 33 inches.) Home Depot/ Lowes will cut these for you too. These strios fo wood will keep the top stable and prevent it from rocking.

Screw your wood 1"x2" wood strips to the underside of your board. Be sure not to screw though the bottom of the 1"x2." Placement of the wood strips to be determine by your ironing board dimensions. Custom fit it to your board.

Apply multiple layers of batting to the top of the board. You need to determine the number of layers according to your needs. Cover the entire board with a tight fine woven cloth or ticking. Staple the cloth securely over the board to the underside. You may consider a second removeable (optional) layer of cloth to keep your board clean.

You can tell I know nothing about carpentry because I do not know the correct terms for some of the lumber and tools. MORE PICTURES TO BE POSTED, ONCE THEY ARE DEVELOPED.

Warning: This board does seem to be heavy to lug around.


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