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Here are just a few Benefits That Drama In Education Has to Offer.....

Walking In the Shoes of Another:  Taking on the role of another character allows students the opportunity to play through and experience the life of another in a comfortable and safe environment. 

Self-Confidence: When students take risks in class and in performances, students learn to trust their ideas and abilities as individuals.  

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving:  Students working through this process learn how communicate their thoughts and look at things from a different perspectives and formulate their decisions.  

Imagination and creative thinking:  through decision making and creative exploration students are given the chance to play with imaginative ideas. 

Cooperation & Collaboration: Working in groups with other peers allows students to collaboratively discuss, rehearse, and combine creative ideas with peers at various levels. 

Most importantly drama is FUN and makes learning active and hands on!


Information for this cite was taken from the article: "The Drama Game File: The benefits of drama Education by J. Basom, 2001."

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