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The Benefits of Drama In Education 

By: Diana Morrone 


Many people when they here the word "Drama" automatically think performance.  Well this web cite had been created to break people of this mentality.  There are many positive benefits that drama can play in realm of a child's development.  


Implementing drama within the classroom as a great option for educators.  Not only can drama be used and adapted across the curriculum, but it can also serve as a catalyst building individual skills that students can later use in everyday life situations.


 Drama in the classroom is great because it makes drama active, engages students and makes learning purposeful.  Drama can be used across the curriculum and adapted to suit any subject.  From acting out skits, to exploring different characters alternative endings and scenarios.  Drama promotes critical thinking, so that students can formulate and express their own opinions. 


In the following pages you will be informed of the benefits of drama on a student's development and will also be provided some links in which you can visit for further information.  


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