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*Chi Town Finest*

*Unda Mad Construction*

This is Chi Town Finest Entertainment, comin straight out da Windy City. Been around, been doin this, but now it's time to let da rest of the world know. So check back with us, and the real site will be up soon with:
Artist Bios
Show Schedule
Behind da Scenes info
etc etc

So stay tuned and be on the look out for us, YA HEARD! p.s. Any suggestions, u think u got talent and wanna be down or whateva da case may be if u feel u need to comment, then hit up da e-mail U'll also catch da boi on any given group site ya mean, Paxed, BP, Tagged, whateva, jus look for a Osmodian, Ray or iLLa. Slickity Slick Light Skinned out!