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Chris Schweizer's Art & Design

Calico Jack MP3s - Free (Chris's Band)
Chris's MYSPACE profile
Photos of Calico Jack
Concert flyers (mostly new)

A postcard "teaser" for the AIGA "Kapow!" conference, whose main theme was superheroes of design.

The horror of finding a zit on the day of a date/concert/school pictures/whatever.

Here's a poster I did for a dance recital:

Here are some concert posters:

This one was actually two posters, which put side by side made a bigger one (?).

Here's the first Calico Jack t-shirt:

Another t-shirt, this one with a badge. And no, this is NOT my pin number, for those who've asked.

Our hair-band logo.

A short-run sticker... we only made about thirty to fifty of these.

I like Iron and Wine, so I made this shirt for myself.

I liked the New Amsterdams a lot a couple of years ago, and made this shirt. I later used the design for Slow Jazz Music.

Here's some strips from my comic, "Keelhaul."

Here are a series of covers...