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The Old English Sheepdog has a coarse, longhaired coat that needs constant care to keep it in top condition.Their coats can vary and can take anywhere from ½ hour to three hours a week to groom.

WEEKLY GROOMING consists of using a "de-matting comb" to loosen up the undercoat and cut out all the tiny mats. Work each mat starting from the outside and working to the skin in short strokes. Never pull the hair. Next, use a tool called a “rake” and finish with a comb or brush.

MONTHLY GROOMING consists of a bath .A bathtub works well, using shampoo and conditioner. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry them.

TRIMMING can be done around the mouths and eyes and rear. The hair in the ears can be plucked with a hemostat (hair puller). The Old English Sheepdog can also be shaved in the spring to make upkeep easier.

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Last updated 12/7/2003