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Writer's Realm

Many claim that writing is a window to other worlds. I would have to agree, which is why I made this website. It is designed to be a place where people can post not only their prose and poetry, but their art as well. Art is another so-called “window.”

There are no requirements – I take that back. You do have to have an interest in writing and/or art. Heehee (thank-you Mr. Obvious!)

GUIDELINES: 1.Work is to be submitted through email. It can be an attachment or you may type it in the email. If you choose to copy and paste it, make sure all paragraphs are easily distinguished.
2.PLEASE give your work a title, that way it is easy to find, edit if need be, etc. Also, if you would like to be anonymous, tell me.
3.Do a little evaluating – tell me what you think the rating should be! Some people like to know, even if you don’t.
4.Please tell me if you would like it to be submitted as prose, poetry, or art. (the latter should be obvious, so I guess you don’t have to) But sometimes it can be hard to differentiate between a story and a poem.
5.If you like, unfinished works may be submitted – I have no problem with that. If you add to it or edit, email the additions/changes to me.

Is that so hard? I hope not. I also hope that you enjoy writing or creating your work of art. As it is right now, there are not many submissions, but I hope that will change. Please spread the work to your friends about Writer’s Realm!

Well, I finally got a story postes! It's one of my own, well, it's a fanfiction based on Thomas Kinkade's CAPE LIGHT series. fyi: None of the characters are mine and some events in my story are based on what I have read in the first two books. Cape Light Fanfiction