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Hello and Welcome!
Here you will find a sampling of the simple stationery styles that I design for Outlook Express. Some have moving bits, most don't....most have music...some don't...they're just easy to use, and family friendly!

To download these .eml files, click on the name underneath the thumbnail and save the file in a folder of your choosing on your hard drive.

To use .eml files, double click on the name of the file in your folder, and type your message.

Those who update Windows XP on a regular basis will find that, after having installed the (security)-update KB911567 and KB923694, a problem occurs when double-clicking on an .eml-file: Although Outlook Express does open the files, it does not do so in 'send'-mode. In effect this means that you will not see "edit", "source" and "preview", resulting in an uneditable e-mail. It is therefore not possible to send stationery e-mails. This problem is relatively easy to solve. Download a registry key file here and save it to your desktop. When the download is complete, select the registry key on your desktop after closing Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. Click on it with your right mouse button. Select 'merge'. When you have done this, you may remove the registry key file from your desktop and the problem is solved.

The letter may not display properly when you are typing your text...not to on "Preview" at the bottom of the letter and it will show you how it will appear to the recipient. Cool, eh?

Here's the stationery.

DISCLAIMER: There is no copyright infringement intended. The art that I have used has been obtained through graphic shares in the Yahoogroups to which I belong. The copyright belongs to the original artist. If you see your work used here and would like it removed contact me.
I'm not very good at updating this site, so if you'd like to receive my stationery as I make it, I have a mail-out group at Yahoo! Check it out!
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