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The Weston Middle School Drama Club Presents

Thursday, February 5 at 7:00 pm
Friday, February 6 at 3:00 pm
Saturday, February 7 at 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm
Winter 2009

Check out pictures from the production.

South Pacific - “You Have to be Carefully Taught”

Cable - Geoffrey Binney
Nellie - Grace Harper
Emile - Andrew Ramsey
Dinah - Lina Makino
West Side Story - “America”

Anita - Ayah Dweik
Rosalia - Mikayla Cramer
Bernardo - Ben Spector
Pepe - Alex Camp
Consuela - Mariah Janos
Chino - Leo Hattabaugh
The Sharks (Girls) - (In addition to the 3 above.) Jahan Bohkari, Hilary Greenberg, Maggie Paul, Edom Wessenyeleh, and Jackie Wu
Avenue Q - “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist”

Princeton - Andrew Ramsey
Kate - Georgia Parker
Gary - Jillian Belgrad
Christmas Eve - Rebecca Xie
Brian - Clark Eglinton
Ragtime - “Till We Reach That Day”

Sarah's Friend - Isabel Kardon
Coalhouse - David Helfer
Emma - Caroline Kaye
Mother - Sam Marchiony
Tateh - Ben Spector
Younger Brother - Clark Eglinton
Men and Women of Harlem - The Entire Cast
Ragtime - “Make Them Hear You”

Coalhouse Follower 1 - Lexi Abrecht
Coalhouse Follower 2 - Margot Wynant
Younger Brother - Clark Eglinton
Coalhouse - David Helfer
Father - Ben Spector
Followers - Alex Camp, Jessica Ober, and Rachel Yan
Once On This Island - “Why We Tell The Story”

Storyteller 1 - Hilary Greenberg
Storyteller 2 - Perri Keehn
Storyteller 3 - Sindhu Sreedhar
Storyteller 4 - Jackie Wu
Erzulie - Catherine Cebulla
Ti Moune - Kate Silberberg
Daniel - David Helfer
Mama - Ayah Dweik
Tonton - Leo Hattabaugh
Andrea - Molly McGinty
Little Girl - Julia Packman
Additional Storytellers - The Entire Cast
Disney Compilation - Various Songs

Ariel - Bea Kelly
Belle - Kristen Sands
Snow White - Rachel Chew
Sleeping Beauty - Jen Creamer
Cinderella - Jahan Bohkari
Jasmine - Caroline Gold
Pocahontas - Wendy Dong
Mulan - Jessica Ober
Big River - “Waiting for the Light to Shine (Reprise)”

Huck - Will Anderson
Duke - Charlie Gold
Alice - Tenzin Chonyie
Alice's Daughter - Anabel Grob
Cotton Workers - Lexi Abrecht, Alex Camp, Catherine Cebulla, Rachel Chew, Tenzin, Chonyie, Wendy Dong, Clark Eglinton, Charlie Gold, Hilary Greenberg, Anabel Grob, Grace Harper, Nadia Hassan, David Helfer, Juliana Icke, Mariah Janos, Caroline Kaye, Lina Makino, Jessica Ober, Andrew Ramsey, Julia Sarocco, Kate Silberberg, and Rebecca Xie
Porgy and Bess - “I Got Plenty of Nuttin’

Annie - Lexi Abrecht
Jake - Sammy Hooper
Clara - Nadia Hassan
Porgy - Perry Von Rosenvinge
Family "Chorus" - Will Anderson, Jen Creamer, Sam Marchiony, and Molly McGinty
The Wiz - “Ease on Down The Road”

First Munchkin - Read Allen
Second Munchkin - Victoria Argyrople
Third Munchkin - Katherine Binney
Fourth Munchkin - Sammy Hooper
Fifth Munchkin - Perri Keehn
Dorothy - Margot Wynant
Yellow Brick Road (4) - Katherine Curtis, Juliana Icke, Maggie Paul, Edom Wessenyeleh Munchkins - Melanie Anthony, Jahan Bohkari, Mikayla Cramer, Ayah Dweik, Caroline Gold, Samantha Gordon, Perri Keehn, Bea Kelly, Hannah Levine, Sam Marchiony, Molly McGinty, Julia Packman, Mia Shaver, and Joanna Tao
Caroline, Or Change - “I Hate The Bus”

Caroline - Annie Burkus
Hair - “Aquarius”

Ronny - Kat O'Connor
The Tribe - Will Anderson, Jillian Belgrad, Geoffrey Binney, Deniz Cataltepe, Rachel Chew, Tenzin Chonyie, Mikayla Cramer, Ayah Dweik, Caroline Gold, Grace Harper, Sammy Hooper, Perri Keehn, Perry Von Rosenvinger, Sophie Whorf, and Margot Wynant
Show Boat - “Can’t Help Lovin ‘Dat Man of Mine”

Julie - Deniz Cataltepe
Magnolia - Sophie Whorf
Queenie - Annie Burkus
Joe - Perry Von Rosenvinge
Townsfolk - Jillian Belgrad, Geoffrey Binney, Lilia Chang, Jen Creamer, Katherine Curtis, Kirsten Errick, Leo Hattabaugh, Kenton Holden, Molly Johnson, Isabel Kardon, Azita Lotfi, Kat O'Connor, Georgia Parker, Rini Sadek, Kristen Sands, Ben Spector, Sindhu Sreedhar, Robyn Stix, Mikaela Thompson, Jackie Wu, and Rachel Yan


CHOREOGRAPHER - Lynn Frederikson


(1) - There are two full cast numbers: "Why We Tell The Story" and "Til We Here That Day". Everyone is in these two numbers.
(2) - The full cast will be split three ways, and each group will be featured in either "Ease On Down The Road", "Waiting for the Light to Shine", or "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man of Mine".
This means everyone is in at least three numbers of the thirteen below.
(3) - The specific groupings for these three numbers will be posted later this weekend.
(4) - Additional groupings, like The Shark Girls from "America" and "The Tribe" will also be announced later this weekend.
(5) - There is rehearsal for EVERYONE on Monday until 3:30. A December rehearsal schedule will be posted this weekend.

Aidan O'Hara, Drama Teacher and Director, 781-529-8060, ext.6499,