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Serena Silvertears

Called: Serena

Gender: Female

Age: 23 years

Rank: Shaman

Looks: Normal sized female, muscular and strong building. She has warm, brown eyes, thick, slightly curled light brown hair, and skin that gets tanned by the sun very easily. She doesn't like fancy clothes to show her rank, but wears what nature has given her and prefers to walk around barefoot, so she can feel the earth under her feet.

Personality: She had always a friendly smile to give, and if you don't look very closely at her she can seem like a rather cheerful person. But if you watch her when she thinks she is alone, what hits you first will be the sorrowful silence she surrounds herself with. And when you get under her skin, you can tell that life has given her marks that an ocean of time never can wash of. It has also made her more serious and calm than young people normally are. She is loyal and respectful, and a faithful worshiper of peace and friendship. It takes a lot to get her really angry, and she has promised Mother Earth never to kill anything or anyone. But if someone hurts someone she loves, they'll find out even Serena can feel hate, and though she can forgive, she will never forget.

History: Serena was born in a clan called the Mountain Lion Clan. She grew up with her grandmother as her closest relative, after her own mother had died giving birth to her. Her grandmother was a shaman, and she taught her granddaughter everything she knew. When she was sixteen she had a crush in a boy called Kush that had just joined their clan. They were lovers for one long, sweet summer, but it shouldn't last. When the leaves started to fall from the trees, they went hunting together. Serena wasn't so keen about it, but she would follow Kush everywhere, so they went up in the mountains to look for birds. It was Serena's last hunt ever. Kush were killed by a mountain lion which they had accidentally scared. Eight months later, Serena gave birth to his daughter. She named her K'estina, and raised her together with her grandmother until Serena thought she were old enough to follow her to a new place. Then Serena took her daughter with her and wandered off to find someplace where she could start a life on her own, without the Mountain Lions and all the daily reminders of Kush.

Clan: Sable Wolf

House: Sable Wolf

Family: She has a seven years old daughter called K'estina.