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October 25, 2003

I suddenly had the time, inspiration and right quota of carelessness to make a homepage. For once I didnít intend it to be perfect, which is probably why I managed to put something together at all. :P

Anyway, since I made this thing today, Iíll need some more time to actually get stuff up here. For now itís a few writings in Norwegian, a couple drawings I scanned for Ali some days ago, all the links I could think of (= not many at all :P) and the obligatory info on my precious self. *cough* Check back in a week or so, and maybe Iíve managed to scrape together some more.

Iím also gonna make charra pages for my Outcast-darlings as soon as I get time. I need to rewrite their stats first. Ebil computer crashes stole them. *hiss*

Now I canít think of any more somewhat sensible babble to fill this blank space with. Go click the friggin links below. :P

~ Kitty