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17 years

He has an open face and big, cheerful brown eyes that shine when he smiles - which he does often. His hair has a light tone of corn, and his skin is easily tanned and therefore usually very brown. ((yeah yeah, I know it looks yellow on the picture. >.< I'm not good with water colours)) Muel is a bit taller than average and a good runner ((and hunter)). He doesn't care much about fancy clothing, but looks pretty good as he is. ;)

Open and social, active but patient, easy to befriend and hard to anger. He tries to find beauty in everything and everyone, and usually succeeds. He cares about the people around him, and can even seem over-protective over those he love. He likes kids, and kids usually like him.

He was born in a Clan not far from Cave Bear, and had a happy childhood there together with three younger sisters and a little brother. But with time he grew restless, and when he was seventeen he set off to start his own life in a new clan - Cave Bear.

.:Guardian Animal:.


Cave Bear



None in ES yet




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