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Ketan Blackraven

[picture to come... what? no, it really is this time! in, ehr, not too long!]

Nick: Ket


17 years

:  He's not too tall and naturally skinny, but much stronger than he looks due to years of hard battle training. His body is just skin, bone, muscles - and scars from his past as a warrior. Lots of them. He was never the best when it came to fist fights, but deadly as hell when it came to assassinating with bow and arrow. He moves like a cat, and can go through a forest without scaring the animals. But his dark past hasn't just given him muscles and skills useful for hunting. It has also darkened his soul, and it shows on the outside. With his long black hair, wild dark eyes and hawk-like nose he looks gloomy enough as it is, but he also nearly never smiles and rarely takes his eyes off the one he's with, a security-habit people tend to find a bit uncomfortable.
People's first impression is often that he is pretty macho, but when you get closer to him you can see the "lost boy look" he tries to hide, and he reminds you more of a wet kitten.

Hard to get to know. He's been through things that have made him fear to get too close with other people - though he tries to hide it even for himself. Ketan's childhood -and life- was destroyed by war, and it has marked him pretty bad. Very bad, actually. He trusts no-one, tends to be aggressive, hates himself and... yeah, is slightly crazy. Good for the world he is a loner.

Guardian Animal: Raven

Born as a Blackraven in the Raven Clan, he was raised to be a warrior. His clan were in a war with the Eagles, an other clan, and he fought for the Ravens against the Eagles from he was 12 till he was 17. What actually happned then he has never told anyone, but his clan lost the war. Ketan managed to escape, but his family didn't... He turned from a warrior to one who hates war, but most of all, he hates himself for ever been a part of it. After that he roamed the land for a new place to live, wounded and filled with hate towards the world and himself, but for some reason not allowing himself to leave it.

Cave Bear

-none yet-

All dead.

Player: Bast


AIM: Catgirly44

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