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Whispering Woods

The Clearing

Deep inside the Whispering Woods lies a Clearing. Here the warm sun is shining down to you from the clear, blue sky, but the trees surrounding you also give delicious shadows at hot summer days. The atmosphere is relaxed, but a bit more 'serious' than in the Den. This is the pack's main meeting place, and this is where wolves can ask to join or leave the pack, where important pack decisions are taken and where the pack members meet in general.


You have entered the territory of the Whispering Woods Pack. The landscape here is rich and green, and dominated by large, old leaf trees. The gigantic treetops make a roof above you, and the sunlight that falls down through the branches makes the soft, green ground look like a patterned carpet. The sound of singing birds reaches you from the tree tops and makes you smile. There is a comfortable aura of harmony and peace here. A light wind blows through the branches above you. It sends a whisper down to you, telling you the simple philosophy with which the wolves of the Whispering Woods pack meet newcomers: 

Come with friendship in mind, and receive our. 


Do you want their friendship? Then feel free to enter...

The Den

A secret path leads you to the pack Den, which is hidden under a large, fallen tree somewhere deep in the Woods. Only accepted members of the pack are allowed to enter the Den. This is where the females go to breed and where the pups spend the first days of their life. It is also a nice place to get some rest after a hard day, and is popular for personal talks because of the good possibilities for privacy.


Last AT: July 17 

Alpha male: Acholan
Alpha female:

Beta male: Nicolae
Beta female: Sunfinder

Gamma male: Everest
Gamma female: Perisma

Epsilon Male: -
Epsilon Female:

Zeta Male:
Zeta Female:


Subordinates: Black Storm, Merciless Angel (MA), Flame, Another Chanse, Mia

Pups: Odadjian, Malakian, Miklos, Always

Omega: -






Pack news:

Written: September 4

OOC: So Northern Sunrise is turning into a furry rpg, but until Arore has got everything ready, 'life' goes on as normal.

I'm now officially out, and Sierra is the new boss of Whispering Woods. Good luck, Sierra. And again... goodbye.

IC:  Acholan, the alpha male, was killed by a bear upon surprising it while eating. The accident happend inside Green Valley and so the pack members would probably find out in not too long.

And Kieran has become epsilon.

~ Bast/ Acholan ~