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Pittsburgh Tribune, Jan 15, 2006
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"Each year, the best of show winner is awarded a solo show the year after the latest "Art Inter/National," and now it's Voegtle's turn to shine. And she does through her remarkable paintings on silk that bridge the gap between fine art and craft. Eight are from her "Magic Symbols" series, seven from her "Magic Landscapes" series and three from her "Magic Creatures" series. Also on display are two silk scrolls and two large art quilts, making for a relatively complete exhibition of the artist's many talents..."
- Kurt Shaw, Art Critic, Pittsburgh Tribune, Feb 15 2007

"...This is a juried exhibition, however, with the best-of-show winner being awarded a solo exhibit that follows the next "Art Inter/National." Which means that next month, visitors to the gallery will find on display the work of German artist Petra Voegtle, last year's best-of-show winner..."
"...Voegtle is represented in this show, too. Also a fiber artist, she shows in two silk paintings from her "Magic Landscape" series how magic exists and surrounds us everywhere. Through the delicate representation of desert and cave, respectively, "Dryland" and "Underworld" give the impression that every space is sacred, fragile and delicate..."
- Kurt Shaw, Art Critic, Pittsburgh Tribune, Jan 2007

"...Standouts include Petra Voegtle's "Greed", a small, satiric portrait of avarice personified: a long-nosed, purse-lipped woman with narrowed eyes. Voegtle drolly "drew" her subject with shades of sickly green dye and stitches..."
- Cate McQuaid, Art Critic, Boston Globe, Aug 2006

"...The international entries are where the work really shines -- not only with the work of German fiber artist Petra Voegtle, whose three silk paintings won the Best of Show award..."

"...Voegtle's three pieces -- "Mesopotamia", "Maya" and "Celts" -- are painted silk quilts, multi-layered and collaged to incorporate symbols and symbolisms that relate to their titles. They are particularly notable because all three works include the symbol of the "tree of life," even though they depict images and symbols from different eras of human civilization..."
- Kurt Shaw, Art Critic, Pittsburgh Tribune, Jan 2006

"...The Whistler House show is the better of the two. Its highlights include Petra Voegtle's "Pele," a single piece of silk which the artist has pleated and gathered into lyrical, concentric arcs, rippling downward..."
- Cate McQuaid, Art Critic, Boston Globe, Sep 2004

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