Petra Voegtle

My vision and my goal as an artist is to be innovative, narrative and imaginative. Using brush, carving knife, camera lens and other tools for my work I want to create art with elements of traditional techniques and materials in new contexts that is recognized for its uniqueness. I also want to create a strong dialogue with the viewer, using images from life in all its facets.

Although I feel a strong affinity to ancient cultures my attention lies currently on those subjects and themes which are directly in my next environment. This does not mean that I do not turn to other subjects from time to time, such as travelling impressions or other pleasant memories. Incorporating these images in one or more paintings serves as a valve for more demanding phases.

My imagery can be figurative, abstract or even grotesque. There lies a great pleasure for me in overdrawing serious issues of human behaviour in an admonishing attitude on one side but equally important is for me the admittance of weaknesses within all grandiosity.

Photography has led me into another art medium. My love for manipulating what the eye depicts from nature leads me to incorporating ideas from pure imagination into another reality in order to test the limits.


After receiving the MA in history of literature and linguistics and working more than 15 years in the computer industry Voegtle began to carve wood in the late 90's. Extensive travels to southeast Asian countries influenced her early art style. Especially drawn to transforming the overwhelming ornamentation of temples and other places of worship into her own imagery she began to explore the figures of Asian myths, incorporating them into her wood carving, later into painting and her travel photography turned into photo art.

These days Voegtle's work is concentrating on painting, using different materials such as silk, rayon, cotton and media such as silk dye paints as well as acrylics. Incorporating textures has become a new feature in her range of work. Subjects have changed from richly ornamentive imagery to the sincerity of landscapes and special places as well as a nearly photorealisitc documentation of her nearest environment and travelling experiences.

Voegtle has shown her work all over the United States and Europe. Her work continues to travel the world and tries to reach people's minds.
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