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The Valley, silk painting
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Description: this website describes the work of Petra Voegtle, designer, painter, sculptor and photographic artist. This website includes several image galleries, additionally descriptions of various silk art techniques and how the art work is prepared for shipping. This website also includes some FAQ's which will answer frequent questions. Image galleries include fine art paintings on silk, heavy rayon and cotton, painted with silk dye paints and/or acrylic paints, drawings on silk/paper scrolls, wood carving, wall art and bas-reliefs, sculptures and relief sculptures and hand carved asian style furniture. You will also find photographic documentations from many travels to foreign countries, special photographic projects, wildlife photography as well as digital fine art - photography that has been enhanced with graphic programs. You will find a list of exhibitions, other information about me and several slideshows i.e. presentation videos about the "Magic Worlds" and the last solo exhibition. Boxheart Gallery in Pittsburgh always has work of me on display. I have also added links to my blogs.