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Fine Art Drawing and Sketches

Images to Greed
Deadly Sins
Stills, Plein Air

The first pieces of the fine art drawing series are "Grotesques" about the "Deadly Sins", a biblical theme and yet more actual than ever. Other will follow.

We currently live in societies where all the ethical values which are the basic requirements for human co-existance seem to deteriorate. While we may wonder about the sudden disappearance of advanced cultures such as the Mayan or any other we do not realize that we are on the verge of destroying our own, western cultures.
Instead of encouraging social behaviour we have started to lose the vision of unity and solidarity. Walls are built up instead of torn down, the global accessability paradoxically seems to increase the fear of the different.
Anxiously we try to keep our own space untouched, suspiciously we consider every change as intrusion into our personal rights and views. Jealously we try to keep our achievements for ourselves, instead of sharing our knowledge with those who need it in order to grow.
This fine art drawing series is meant to emphasize the ugly characteristics of human behaviour by exaggerating expression into grotesque.

The pencil drawings of the "Deadly Sins" (on 30gr chinese Wenzhou paper) are quite big and therefore handled like scrolls. They are backed with a thin ponge silk, mounted on silk/paper scrolls (painted or dyed silk backed with painted chinese Wenzhou paper)and finally hung on hand made wooden dowels, coated with acryl lacquer (several layers) which are removable for easier storage etc.

More drawings and sketches taken outdoors and indoors will follow.

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