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The Consequences of Getting Too Much Protein

Heavy meat eaters tend to face the problem of getting too much protein. They not only get tons of it from meat, but also from the plant foods they eat! Since the body cannot store the protein, it has to work extra hard to process it, break it down, and get rid of it's by-product through the kidneys. This is a ton of work on the kidneys which need to be in good condition because they keep blood pressure regular, filter toxins from the blood, process vitamin D, and manufacture certain hormones. Too much protein is bad for them. Also, the breaking down of too much protein can make the body too acidic. One of the major contributors to osteoporosis and other bone problems is over-acidity in the body. The more protein you get, the more organic forms of calcium you need to balance out your over-acidic condition. The body always tries to keep a balanced out pH level. To fix the problem of over-acidity in your blood, the body takes calcium from your bones. To fix the problem of too little calcium in your bones, your body starts looking for sodium. Most sodium is found and vital in the stomach lining and in the joints. So in the end you get stiff joints, weakened bones, indigestion, and stomach problems. *Above is an illustration of developing osteoporosis*

Health Problems Caused By Too Much Protein