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Protein and Your Body

Okay, now that you know how much protein you need, let's talk about what it is and why you need it. Amino acids are small units essential for building and repairing bone, muscle, hair, fingernails, and other bodily tissues. They also help fight infection and help oxygen travel from your lungs to other tissues. You need at least 20 amino acids that function properly, and of that 20, eight are not made by the body. Those are called essential amino acids and are supplied by food. They make up protein. An incomplete protein is protein that lacks one or more of the essential amino acids. Though mostly found in plant foods, vegetarians have nothing to worry about. When you eat something with incomplete proteins the amino acids stick around in your body until you eat something else with complemetary amino acids, therefore making up complete proteins. Complete proteins are proteins that contain all amino acids. Some plant foods like soy contain all essential amino acids. IT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO NOT GET ENOUGH PROTEIN IN YOUR DIET, EVEN AS A VEGETARIAN!!!(take note of that) You just need to eat a variety of foods. Protein is connected with strength, muscle, and stamina. Even though most people associate protein with meat, people who aren't eating meat usually get what they need and even, yes that's right, grow up to be strong, healthy, human beings. Many of Earth's strongest animals are strict vegetarians including gorillas, elephants, and some types of whale. Many active athletes are vegetarians too, proving that you don't have to get protein from animals to be strong, healthy, and powerful.

Some vegetarian meals that will give you complete proteins:

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