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Well, after quite a LONG gap, I'm finally updating this page. It'll be mainly for keeping track of my convention plans as I really don't have the time to upkeep an art gallery of my own right now, and I have a deviant art account at the moment. I also feel that I'm not quite established enough as an artist to start my own art website. Maybe once I've published a comic or just become a bit more well-known I'll be more confident in that.

Again, I've decided to indefinitely take down my artwork that was displayed here and give to everyone my Deviantart account link since the display of my artwork looks much better than my minute HTML skills could ever show it here.


My Artist Alley Page: Find out what conventions I plan on attending and more on what I will have on display and be selling! ^_^


I will be attending two conventions so far this year.

Nohcon will be a local convention for me. It's here in my hometown of Buffalo, NY.

I'll again be attending Otakon on July 20-22. If you have stopped by my table before for a custom badge then you know how busy it's gotten for me. So much so that I can't make one for everyone. I kinda stabbed myself in the foot last year with asking everyone to come back and that I would do a badge and then had to refuse later, so now, there will be some things I'm trying this year, the main thing is a sign up sheet. But, for more info on that please check out my Artist Alley page. I will be updating it with information additional to what is already there.

For more info on both conventions, please visit the official websites by either click on the banner (Nohcon) or the text link (Otakon).

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