Taisanji Maoo Lucifer no Koorin

Text narration by Peter Stone, Mr. Hajile (as Randam), HongKong Yamauchi (as Snatcher), William Word (as Gyrian), Dona Knoester (as Jaime).

June 6, 1991......Moscow

There has been a big accident at the Chernoton Research
Centre. A secret form of experimental bacterial weapon
has escaped into the environment.

80% of the Eurasian continent has been destroyed. Half
the world has been wiped out. Then..... 50 years later...

December 2042

The crazy atmosphere of Neo-Kobe-City.

The human inhabitants are facing a terrifying situation.
A mysterious organism, a bioroid appeared. Where it came
from, what it is and what it wants, no one knows!
A new enemy weapon, an invader from space.....??
It appears in winter and kills. It takes on the form of the
slain human and mingles into society. Like a normal human,
their artificial skin bleeds and sweats. Their skin
even re-generates itself so it is almost impossible to tell
them apart from real human beings.

Because they snatch human bodies, they have been
termed "Snatchers."
Human or Snatcher?

A special police squad has been set up to combat the
This special police team has been trained to disregard
their own safety......they are not emotional men.

That is....Judgement Uninfected Naked Kind & Execute
people call them, "JUNKER"

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