Text narration by Peter Stone, Mr. Hajile (as Randam), HongKong Yamauchi (as Snatcher), William Word (as Gyrian), Dona Knoester (as Jaime).

Croud:  "What's going on?"
Croud:"Hey, there's someone over there on the ground."
Randam:"C'mon, move, this isn't a spectacle!"
Snatcher:"Ha, I'm not finished yet."
Snatcher:"You scummy human!"
Randam:"You still look too healthy. Now you die."
Policeman 1:"Police. Stand back, stand back."
Policeman 2:"Are you Junker?"
Randam:"I'm the hunter!"

Gyrian:"How is the job going?"
Jaime:"No problems. I definitely told him... What were we talking about?"
Gyrian:"I became a Junker."
Jaime:"You're... you're a Junker? Gyrian!?"
Gyrian:"Jaime, you should have known that. Because we need to get our memory back."
Gyrian:"My memory is very cloudy but I faintly recall the word `Snatcher'. The only alternative left is to attack head-on!"
Jaime:"Yes, I know. Something really bad must have happened in our past. I'm scared of getting back my memory! I know we'll be unhappy if I remember. I wish there was no past..."
Try-cicle's Voice:"THX-205 Gyrian Seed. Board the try-cicle and report to Junker's HQ. I repeat..."
Gyrian:"I've gotta go!"
Jaime:"What!? I can't hear you!!"

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